Regional Tournament Bid Application

Regional Tournament Bid Application

Regional Tournament Bid Application Form Preview
  • JRDA Regional Tournament Bid Application

    If more than one league requests to be the HOST for the region, the leagues will be put in a lottery to be chosen.GOOD LUCK!
  • Suggested Timeframe

    When looking at prospective dates, verify the JRDA Regional Tournament must not be on the same weekend as the JRDA ChampionshipTournament, JuniorCon, or RollerCon to ensure we have refs and adequate vendor opportunities to make the event as cost efficient as possible for the participants.
  • Host League Information

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  • Venue Information

  • Hotel Information

    JRDA will require hotel blocks to accommodate dozens of room nights for the event. This should be done with as many hotels as possible and a wide range of cost available in the area. <br /><br /> It is paramount that most, if not all hotels be located in close proximity of the competition venue(s) in order that players and other participants can conveniently walk to the site. <br /><br /> It is also important to note that NO CONTRACTS WILL BE SIGNED WITH HOTELS, these should be COURTESY BLOCKS.
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