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Whether you’re matchmaking, helping couples strengthen their love for each other, or simply conducting research about dating habits, you’ll love our free Relationship Survey Templates! Simply select the one that best suits your needs and customize it with our drag-and-drop Form Builder. And since sharing is caring, share your chosen relationship survey by embedding it in your website, sending email invites, or posting the form link on social media. You’ll receive submissions instantly in Jotform Inbox and Jotform Tables, our spreadsheet-database hybrid.

Don’t love the look of your selected relationship survey? Using our Form Builder, you can easily add new questions and form fields, upload images and logos, set up conditions, change the form layout and design, and more! You can even integrate your survey with 100+ apps, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Airtable, and Slack — because your favorite apps working hand-in-hand helps you stay organized. Plus, Jotform is compatible on any computer or mobile device, so you can collect and manage submissions from anywhere. Keep romance alive with custom Relationship Surveys on your website!

Dating Survey

Free survey template for your dating app. Add your own questions. Easy to customize and fill out. Embed in seconds. Get responses instantly. No coding.

Relationship Surveys

Boyfriend Application Form

A Boyfriend Application Form is a questionnaire that is used by interested persons to find out whether their would be potential partners are suitable for them.

Relationship Surveys

Online Dating Survey

Find out who uses dating apps and why. Free research survey template. Easy to customize and embed. Fill out on any device. Mobile-friendly. No coding required.

Relationship Surveys

Friendship Survey

Use this friendship survey template to learn more about your students’ social skills.

Relationship Surveys

Relationship Questionnaire

Ask people how they feel about relationships. Free online relationship questionnaire. Perfect for research. Easy to customize and fill out. No coding.

Relationship Surveys

Best Friend Survey

Put friendships to the test with this free survey template. Great for teachers, counsellors, or just for fun! Easy to customize, embed, and fill out. No coding.

Relationship Surveys

Dating Questionnaire

A dating questionnaire is a survey used by individuals to gauge their level of compatibility with another person.

Relationship Surveys

Love Survey

Find love online with our free Love Survey template. Easy to customize, embed, and fill out. Works on any device. 100+ app integrations. No coding.

Relationship Surveys

Couples Survey

Get information about couples with this free survey template. Great for research, marital counseling, and more. Easy to customize and fill out. No coding.

Relationship Surveys

Relationship Satisfaction Survey

Therapists, or relationship consultants can use this Relationship Satisfaction Survey to better understand their patients feelings and expectations. Fully customizable with no coding required.

Relationship Surveys

Marriage Survey

Conducting research on marriage? Get answers with our free Marriage Survey template. Easy to customize, embed, and fill out. Works on any device. No coding.

Relationship Surveys

Weekly Relationship Check In

Use to help therapy clients reflect on what they are doing to improve their relationship each week and report to therapist on progress between appointments.

Relationship Surveys

Relationship Survey

A relationship survey asks questions regarding relationship dynamics and is composed of areas to rate and score key metrics of relationships.

Relationship Surveys

Parent Engagement Survey

A parent engagement survey is a questionnaire used by teachers to gauge the involvement of parents and guardians in their child’s education. Customizable and free.

School Surveys

Romantic Survey

What keeps romance alive? Find out with our free anonymous survey template. Easy to customize and share. Works on any device. No coding required.

Relationship Surveys

Communication Style Survey

Find out the communicational behaviors, challenges and routines of people online. No coding. Free.

Survey Templates

Relationship Conflict Survey

While the absence of conflicts may seem ideal for a healthy relationship, it is actually the couples who fight smarter that enjoy a much healthier relationship. To fight smarter you need to be aware of your conflict patterns and your partner's conflict patterns. In other words you need to understand how each of you tend to think, behave and act during a conflict.

Relationship Surveys

Relationship Quality Test

Test for relationship quality in Christian homes

Relationship Surveys

Social Support Survey

A social support survey is used to find out how satisfied people are with their social interactions and relationships. Customize the design and content.

Relationship Surveys

Valentines Day Dinner Reservations Form

A Valentines Day dinner reservations form is used by restaurants to collect reservations for Valentines Day dinner. You can customize it and embed it in seconds!

Reservation Forms

Healthy Relationship Checklist

A healthy relationship checklist is a survey that singles or couples can use to gauge the quality of their relationship.

Relationship Surveys

Leaders Nomination Form

A Leaders nomination form is a document used by government officials to nominate individuals to positions of leadership and expertise.

Relationship Surveys