Requisition (REQ) Form - DEC Procurement Services

Requisition (REQ) Form - DEC Procurement Services

Online requisition and procurement services form. Featuring a calculator for keeping it tidy and organized to the dot. Form Preview
  • Department of Environmental Conservation, Procurement
  • Items marked with an asterik * are required.

  • Requestor Information

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  • Vendor Information

  • For Purchase Requisition

  • Purchasing Method

    • RAA: If the purchase is <$10,000
    • 3 Quotes: If the purchase is between $10,000 and $50,000
    • Construction requires PRIOR approval by DGS or DOT

    Within IRIS, please attach an approved requisition to the RQS for processing a Purchase or Delivery Order.

  • Services, Professional Services, Supplies, & Equipment

  • Financial Coding & Funding Approval

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    Pick a Date
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  • Other/Additional Approvals

  • Please attach all necessary documentation including approvals, quotes, and e-mails.

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  • By clicking "Complete REQ," you are submitting this form to either yourself or procurement services. This is determined based on the answer to the second item on this form.

    • If you checked "This REQ is for division/program internal use only," you will receive an e-mail with a .pdf version of this completed form. Procurement Services will not receive a copy. This .pdf can be attached to the RQS within IRIS.

    • If you checked, "This REQ will be submitted to Procurement Services," then a .pdf version of this completed form will be sent to both Procurement Services and the Requestor. PS will move forward with the purchase and communicate updates to the requestor.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you are not brought to the next page, there may be errors in your submission. Please scroll through your answers and complete any required questions marked in red.

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