Resident Assistant & Chaplain Application

Resident Assistant & Chaplain Application

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  • Resident Assistant and Resident Chaplain Application, 2013-14

    Please note that you may not save your application and return to this form. All information must be completed when submitted.You may find it helpful to refer to the submission section first so you can prepare necessary documents before proceeding.
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    • Please note that Residential Life and Housing collects this information to understand candidate interest. However, placement decisions will be based on the needs of the entire Residence Hall community.

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    • Residential Life and Housing believes that student clubs are an important piece of our campus culture and the student experience. However, we have found that RAs and RCs have had a particularly difficult time maintaining balance during their first semester in a Greek club. In order to consider what is best for the residents, team, and individual RA/ RC, we ask all RAs and RCs wishing to rush a Greek Club to submit a request in advance (due the 3rd Monday in November). We will carefully review each request and weigh the RA/ RC’s plan alongside his or her self-evaluation and the RD’s performance evaluation. If approved, the RA/ RC will be eligible to rush a Greek club in the spring semester after he or she has been in the RA/ RC position for no less than 2 semesters (not including summer). Due to the significance of the Sr. RA position, Sr. RAs will not be eligible to rush a Greek club. RA and RC candidates who are already in a Greek club should communicate this through their involvement scales.

    • If you applied for Fall '12 or Spring '13 and would like to reactivate your application, then skip "Submissions" section and email to let us know to access your previous submissions.

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    • *If applying for both positions, please upload both essays.

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    • Please note, interview times will be confirmed, the above is just to offer assistance in scheduling. Unfortunately, not all candidates will receive an interview due to the number of applicants.