Spanish Fork City Residential Form

Spanish Fork City Residential Form

Residential Sign In Form for Utility Customers Form Preview

  • Spanish Fork City Utilility Application - Residental

    WARNING: When filling out this form please do not hit your browsers BACK BUTTON. All of the information that you have entered will be lost!

    The following will be needed to complete this application.

    1. Credit Card to Pay Setup Fee and Deposit. No Cash Accepted.

    2. Your bank/credit union's routing number and your checking/saving's account number. This will be required if you would like to have the $200 security deposit waived.

    Please note that if you want a second individual to have access to account information they must be listed as a joint applicant on this form

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  • Optional SFCN Services

    Please select additional services you would like to receive.
  • Spanish Fork City offers its own Internet, Phone and Cable TV to residents.

    Free Internet & Cable for a month!

    How do I qualify? If you have never had SFCN cable or internet before and sign up you will receive your first month of Internet & Cable for free.

  • *Discounted prices are when purchased with Expanded Basic or higher cable TV

    Internet - Additional Information

    Spanish Fork now offers the fastest technology available with Fiber-To-The-Home! Click here to see if it is available today for your home.

  • Spanish Fork City - Residential - Utilities Contract

  • SPANISH FORK CITY, a Municipal Corportation of the State of Utah and Applicant listed above hereinafter CUSTOMER do agree as follows:

    1. City will provide the following services to CUSTOMER at the service address previously indicated on this Utility Contract: Mandatory Services (please note your Landlord or HOA may pay for some of these services): Residential Electric, Pressurized Irrigation (may be exceptions), Storm Drain, Culinary Water, Sewer, Garbage. Services shall be provided in accordance with State law and municipal ordinances and resolutions as requested on the setup form at rates as established by ordinance or resolution of the Spanish Fork City Council provided that city shall not be responsible for failure to deliver services by reason of strikes, accidents, acts of God, weather conditions, natural disasters - whether declared or undeclared, state or other governmental regulations or any other act, contingency of bar beyond city's control.

    2. CUSTOMER shall pay such fees and deposits as shall be established by the city and shall further be subject to termination of services upon non-payment or failure to comply with rules, regulations, ordinances or laws as established by the city. CUSTOMER acknowledges and agrees to pay minimum water charges, and minimum electric charges, even in the event that the premises are vacant for extended periods of time, provided that CUSTOMER may eliminate minimum electric and water charges only by requesting the city to terminate service. In such event, CUSTOMER agrees to pay a reinstatement fee, as set by the city, to restore electric power service and water services. Utility deposits will be held without interest for an indefinite period of time. CUSTOMER agrees to be bound by the utility policy of the city and also the terms and conditions of the Rate Schedule and to pay applicable rates as established by the city council. A tenant deposit is held until tenant moves. At that time, it will be applied to the account, and any unused portion will be refunded. A homeowner who fails to post a deposit when requested is subject to termination of service. In the event payment is late, a 5% late fee will be assessed. There will be a charge on all returned checks in the maximum amount allowed by state law, and CUSTOMER agrees to pay the same. Utility service is subject to city ordinances and policies established by the Spanish Fork City Council.

    3. The City requires free unobstructed access to electric, water and pressurized irrigation meters at all times.

    4. In the event this account is placed with an attorney for collection, either with or without suit, CUSTOMER shall be responsible for all court costs and reasonable attorney's fees incurred thereby.

    5. In the event this account is placed with a collection agency for collection, CUSTOMER shall be responsible for all collection costs incurred including a collection fee of up to 40%, pursuant to the provisions of Utah Code Ann. §12-1-11.

    6. CUSTOMER , if any, hereby warrant and affirm that the information provided on this set up form is true and correct to the best of their knowledge. FAILURE TO PROVIDE TRUE AND ACCURATE INFORMATION MAY SUBJECT YOU TO CRIMINAL PROSECUTION UNDER UTAH CODE S76-8-504. Customer also affirm, understand, and agree to comply with provisions of this utility contract.

    7. Federal law requires that we establish your identity by accessing information in your credit report. By submitting this application you are authorizing us to obtain information from your credit report to validate your identity.

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  • Set Up Fee & Deposit

  • All CUSTOMERS both tenants and home owners shall be required to post a minimum $200 deposit*. If non-satisfactory deposit is made at time online application is submitted Spanish Fork City reserves the right to require resident to pay additional deposit before residents utilities will be turned on.

    *CUSTOMERS that sign up for ACH Auto Pay through Spanish Fork City (not third party i.e. Bank Bill Pay) by completing the ACH Auto Pay form on the following page below will not be required to pay the $200 deposit. In the event that CUSTOMER cancels ACH Auto Pay or has ACH payment rejected for insufficient funds CUSTOMER will immediately be required to pay $200 deposit, will be taken off of ACH Auto Pay, and may have utilities shut off. CUSTOMERS must sign up for ACH Auto Pay within 5 business days of their original sign in date to avoid the $200 deposit. CUSTOMER must also abide by all standards setforth in the Utility Office Customer Deposit Policy.

    **CUSTOMERS that fail to return equipment within 48 business hours of cancellation will be billed for the full price of the equipment. In the event that equipment is eventually returned to the City, CUSTOMERS will be issued a credit for the previously billed equipment less the standard monthly equipment rental premium multiplied by the # of months between the cancellation date and the date the equipment was returned with a minimum charge equivalent to one month’s rental fee.

  • Customer Authorization for ACH Auto Pay

  • Previous Account with Spanish Fork City

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