Returning RA Application 2017-2018

Returning RA Application 2017-2018

Application for Returning Resident Advisors Form Preview
Returning RA Application 2017-2018
  • Lincoln University Residential Life & Housing

    Returning RA and SRA Application 2017-2018
  • Part 1: Personal Information

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  • Part 2: Academic Information

  • Part 3: Conduct History

  • Part 4: Resume

  • Part 5: Experience

    Please respond to all of the following questions regarding your leaderships experience and future goals. There is no length requirement for each question; however, please note that college-level writing is expected.
  • Part 6: References

  • Part 7: Signature, Consent, and Release

    I hereby grant the Selection Comittee license to verify and investigate the information I have provided about my educational and conduct records at Luncoln University. I consent to the release of this infomation to the selection committee(s) listes about for the purpose of considering my application to a staff or executive board member. I understand that the selection committees may include studentrs, University staff, and/or faculty.
  • I attest all of the information that I have provided in this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.I understand that if I have provided false or misleading information, my application will be rendered null and void.I certify that I am a continuing student a Lincoln University and that I am in good academic, financial, and disciplinary standing with the University and do not currently have any cases pending against me. I know of no reason why I would be ineligible to hold the position(s) for which I am applying. I attest that I have completed this application on my own free will. I have read the position description(s) for the position(s)I am seeking and I have the ability and the want to fulfill the duties and responsibilities described therein.
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