Camper Application Form

Camper Application Form

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  • Royal Family KIDS Camp is for children 7-11 years old who have experienced abuse and neglect. Priority will be given to returning RFKC Arvada campers and kids currently in Foster Care.

  • Please do not apply for a child who will be 13 by June 19, 2017!


    If you have any challenges completing the application online or any questions about the required paperwork, please contact our Child Placement Coordinators Vonnie Nelson (303-903-9087) or Celeste Kellenberger, 303-882-7836 or Camp Directors Mikki LeVett (720-233-5657) or Will LeVett (720-233-5694).
  • QUESTIONS ABOUT available space, if your child qualifies for camp, or if you have other questions or concerns about RFKC: Please contact the RFK Directors Will and Mikki LeVett at
  • HAVE AN ADOPTED CHILD? If a returning RFK camper has been adopted, they are still allowed to attend camp with us. If they have NOT attended camp and are adopted, we will consider taking them to camp with us if we are not able to fill camp with foster children or kinship placements.
  • TIME TO FILL OUT APP: Will take 40-45 minutes. Please fill out ENTIRELY. You cannot come back and fill in information. One application per child. Fill out and submit ONLINE ONLY. **DO NOT PRINT AND SCAN.** If you do not have Internet access - please find someone to help you fill this out online. If you're worried about your computer crashing or the app not going through, save answers as you go along in a Word Document and copy and paste into the application.
  • CURRENT PHOTO: You will be required to upload a current JPG photo of this child at the end of the app. Make sure you have access to the JPG file before you begin filling out the application!
  • APPLICATION/REGISTRATION FEE: Camp only costs $35/child. {We raise and cover the additional $565 per child to send them to camp.) However, there are fees with processing each child for camp. The $35 can be sent with the medical documentation. You may pay with cash, check, or money order. CHECKS AND MONEY ORDERS SHOULD BE MADE OUT TO ROYAL FAMILY KIDS Arvada. Mail or hand in to: Royal Family KIDS Camp Arvada, 5555 Ward Road, Arvada, CO 80002.

  • Child's Information

  • Siblings of Child Applying to RFK Camp This Summer

    If siblings of this child will ALSO be applying to the Arvada RFK camp, please provide their info so we can try and get all siblings to camp this summer.
  • Parent/Guardian Information

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  • Authorized to Pick Child Up at Arvada Covenant Church on Friday, June 23, 2017, 3:15 pm

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  • Individuals NOT allowed to pick up this camper on June 23, 2017

  • Caseworker/Child Placement Agency Information

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  • Background/Behavior Information

    Please fill this out to the best of your ability. We as RFKC staff want to make sure your child has a safe, healthy, fun time at camp. This information is extremely helpful! It will not prevent your child from attending camp, but will help us know how to best care for your child. Challenging behaviors will NOT prevent your child from attending camp!

  • HISTORY/STORY: Please share this child's history or story so we can understand how to give him or her an even MORE amazing week at camp!

  • Medical History + Prescription Medication Information

  • REQUIRED: Send a copy of child's Medicaid Card (or Insurance), latest physical and immunization record to: Royal Family KIDS Camp Arvada, 5555 Ward Road, Arvada, CO 80002. (** If you do not have a copy of the child's Medicaid card, please provide their Medicaid number).

  •  -  - Pick a Date

  • ** Only check Medications that ARE APPROVED**. The bus ride to camp is 1.5 hours through winding mountain roads, so please be aware that motion sickness is a good possibility.

  • Prescription & Over-the-Counter Medications

    If your child is NOT taking any prescription or over-the-counter medications, vitamins, or inhalers to camp, please type "NONE" in each of the boxes.
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  • **REQUIRED** Recent Color Photograph ** JPG ONLY Do NOT upload a PDF or other file type **

  • Upload a File
  • Once you have submitted this application, we will mail you the Royal Family KIDS Camp Arvada Release forms and Medical Forms. Please obtain the proper legal guardian or parent signatures for the forms. ** We cannot accept photocopies. We need paperwork with original signatures! Mail back to Royal Family KIDS Camp Arvada, 5555 Ward Road, Arvada, CO 80002.


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