Sample Hold Harmless or Agreement Form

Sample Hold Harmless or Agreement Form

This is a sample of how to create a hold harmless agreement or waiver that you have people sign electronically. The entire form is then emailed or saved to a cloud folder as a complete signed pdf. Form Preview
  • Sample Form Agreement or Waiver

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    All of your release language is typed in here. The person will see this language when filling out the form. You use a touch screen device for signing such as a smart phone, tablet or touch screen laptop. You utilize an e signature and set up the submission to include the header information. This will create a signed copy of the form which can be emailed, saved to a google drive, drop box or many other cloud services. You can control where the form goes in the settings tab when you're editing the form.

    See integrations to add 3rd party services. Once you've set up the form, on the home page of "my forms" select the form and click on the "submissions" on the top right of the menu bar on the home page, once you're in the form select the gear box on the right to control whether just the answers or the entire language of the document is submitted.

    Once your form is complete, select the publish tab to create a shareable link for people to fill out the form.

    This form has been disabled to stop people from filling it out. When you create your form you'll want to go to settings and enable the form.

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