School Library Membership Form

School Library Membership Form

Maintain an orderly school library by having students to fill a membership form so they get to know the rules and regulations, their responsibilities as well as understand basics of the library system. Form Preview
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    • This application is for school students who wish to apply for membership through their School Teacher Librarian
    • Students who are already members of Sutherland Shire Libraries should NOT complete this form; they should instead use their existing membership card.
    • For lost cards or enquiries about a replacement, please contact us at 02 9710 0351 or
    • Information about membership for non-students can be found by visiting the library in person, or at

    Instructions for Students

    1. Complete this ‘Application to Join the Library’ form.
    2. Print your form after it is completed.
    3. Read the ‘Conditions of Membership’ and sign on the dotted line provided under ‘Student information’
    4. If you are under 18, ask your parent/guardian to read the 'Conditions of Membership' and then sign on the dotted line provided under ‘Parent/Guardian Information’.
    5. Return your signed form to your Teacher Librarian. You can collect your Sutherland Shire Library card from your Teacher Librarian after it has been processed. 


  • Student Information

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  • Parent/Guardian Information

  • As the Parent/Guardian of the child on this form who is under the age of 18 years, 

    • I confirm that all information on this application is correct
    • I understand and agree to comply with the ‘Conditions of Membership’ for joining Sutherland Shire Libraries, and have discussed this with my child
    • I accept full responsibility on my child's behalf for overdue, lost, and/or damaged library items and have discussed this with my child
  • School Verification

  • As the Teacher Librarian (or approved staff member) of the school stated above, I confirm that the necessary fields on this form are completed, and that these details are consistent with those provided on current school records.  

  • Important Information

    • This application form is for school students who wish to apply for membership through their School Teacher Librarian
  • Conditions of Membership

    • I understand my library card is required to borrow items.
    • I accept full responsibility for all items issued on my library card.
    • I am responsible for any charges incurred on my library card including the replacement value and administrative fee for any items lost, damaged or not returned and those associated with value added services (in accordance with Council’s Schedule of Fees and Charges).
    • I am responsible for the security of my card and must notify the library immediately if this card is lost or stolen. Until notice is received I am liable for any unauthorised use of the card.
    • I will notify and provide identification of any changes to the details on this form. Failure to do so will result in my borrowing privileges being withdrawn.
    • I understand that the Library does not censor resources used in, borrowed or accessed from the Library.
    • Parents / Guardians are responsible for their child’s / children’s selection and monitoring their use of library resources and Internet use.
    • In the instance that I should use an electronic request form, Sutherland Shire Libraries may treat as signed by me any email request and declaration, under subsection 49(1) of the Copyright Act 1968, that bears my name, membership and pin number.
    • I understand I must maintain a valid email address in order to receive email alerts.

     School Verification

    • The information provided on this form needs to be verified by the Teacher Librarian or other approved School Staff Member for students to join as members under the School/Library Agreement.
    • For more information, visit our website or telephone 02 9710 0351.
    • Alternatively, students may attain membership by visiting their local library with their parent or guardian, and completing the regular application and verification processes.



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