SEM Acknowledgement Form

SEM Acknowledgement Form

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  • Successful suppliers will be those that strive to meet the quality and performance expectations outlined in HYG's SEM. By acknowledging and working to meet these expectations, suppliers help ensure our mutual success with HYG meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations.
  • SEM Acknowledgement Expectations

    1) Supplier is expected to fully review HYG’s SEM. 2) Supplier is expected to distribute the SEM to all of your key functional area leaders and for them to provide the SEM to key employees that work with HYG. 3) Supplier is expected to acknowledge understanding and committing to work in good faith to meet all applicable expectations. Please follow instructions below to complete the acknowledgement process.
  • Instructions:

    Please check the designated boxes and complete the fields listed below. Finally, click "Submit" to transmit the form and complete the acknowledgement process. Asterisk (*) designates a required field.
  • 1. General Acknowledgement

    Please check that you have received and reviewed HYG's SEM.
  • 2. Functional Leaders' Acknowledgement

    Please check that each functional global leader (at least manager level or higher) has been provided HYG's SEM. Also, please provide each identified leader's name and position/title. In cases where your functional areas may differ slightly in name than those provided below, please identify a functional global leader that you determine to be the closest match. If for some reason there is no identified global leader in the position at the time the acknowledgement is made, please insert the name of your executive level staff member (President, Vice-President, Managing Director, etc.) that will ensure the SEM is communicated as requested.
  • Sales

  • Quality Assurance

  • Customer Service

  • Engineering / Research & Development

  • Operations / Manufacturing

  • Finance / Accounting

  • 3. Commitment Acknowledgement

    Please check that you understand and will strive to meet the applicable expectations in HYG's SEM.
  • Supplier Information

    The Supplier Representative acknowledging the SEM should complete the following fields and then click "Submit".
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