SIRIX branding information

SIRIX branding information

SIRIX branding information Form Preview
  • SIRIX branding information

  • Personal info:

    Please write your personal email, so that we could resend you the form if needed.

    That email won't be used in the trading platforms. 

  • Domain:

    The below URLs will be the links to your branded Sirix trading platforms.

  • Branding links:

    Please fill in the URLs of the below web pages. 

  • General:

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  • Branding Colors [IN HEX]:

    The colors that you'll seleced will be placed instead of the purpule color as displayed in the below samples. 

    You can set a different color for the dark and light themes.

  • Branding Logos:

    All files must be uploaded in *.png format

  • Dual logo example:

  • Loading logo placement example:

  • Should be Empty: