Blog Strategy Planner Guide

Blog Strategy Planner Guide

This planner guide ask questions about your blog, contents, and your way of blogging. This is a practical guide to creating a blogging strategy that will help grow your blogging business. Form Preview
  • 1-Year Blog Strategy & Plan

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  • Statements to Define Your Blog

  • Can you identify three (3) statements or positions your BLOG will focus on or stand for this YEAR?

    These can be things, causes, people, or initiatives that you want to support or even just 'threads' you want to weave into your content throughout the year.

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  • What are the three (3) promises or commitments you're making to your BLOG community this YEAR?

    These can be in terms of the content you intend to provide, goals you intent to accomplish, a level of transparency you want to initiate, or even just a community you plan to foster.

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  • What are three (3) questions that you intend to answer for your readers/community via your BLOG this YEAR?

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  • Blog Branding Overview

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  • Blog Content Strategy

  • Blog Categories:

    Categories are the various topics that your content can be divided into. These are usually general topics that often relate back to your business and the services or products that you specialize in. These are the areas that you hope to be considered an expert in and build a following around.

    The difference between categories and tags - 'Food' would be a category, where 'rice' or 'chocolate' would be a tag on a post in the 'food' category.

    We recommend planning around your content categories in order to keep a healthy mix.

    For example: if you have 4 categories and plan to post once a week, you may find that 1 post per category is a good mix.

  • Content Styles:

    Another consideration is the writing style(s) that you plan to incorporate. Styles might include; instructional, informational, opinion, personality, video, audio, guest posts, etc...

    Determining your ideal style mix will also help you in planning out your content calander.

    For Example: If you post weekly and your goal is mostly opinion, with some informational and instructional content, then you might choose a strategy of 2 opinion posts per month, 1 informational post, and 1 instructional post.

  • Blog Content Calender

  • Quarterly Content Focus

    Take a few minutes to note any major topics of interest for each quarter of the year. This should line up with your income goals and any launches or programs that you are running as well as seasonality and topics of interest for your target market.

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  • Monthly Content/Theme Ideas

    Taking into consideration your frequency objectives, categories, and style mix, spend a few minutes to note any major topics of interest and content ideas for each month of the year. Keep in mind any industry specific topics as well as seasonality, holidays, etc...

    Also list the acompanying actions that you will encourage your readers to take based on your content ideas.

  • Ideas for January:
    New Years Day Martin Luther King Jr Day
    Trivia Day  
    Cervical Cancer Awareness Month National Mentoring Month
    National Braille Literacy Month National Blood Donor Month
    National Hobby Month
    Human Trafficking Awareness Month
    National Thank You Month  
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  • Ideas for February:
     Groundhog Day  Superbowl Sunday
     Random Acts of Kindness Week  Valentine’s Day
     Presidents’ Day   
     American Heart Month  Black History Month
     Canned Food Month  Great American Pie Month
     National Children's Dental Health Month  National Weddings Month
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  • Ideas for March:
     Dr. Seuss's Birthday  Mardi Gras
     International Women’s Day  Daylight Savings Begins
     St. Patrick's Day  International Day of Happiness
     First Day of Spring   World Water Day
     Ash Wednesday  
     International Ideas Month  Irish American Heritage Month
     MS Education and Awareness Month  National Craft Month
     National Nutrition Month  Red Cross Month
     Social Work Month
     Spring Training, MLB
     Women's History Month
     End of the First Quarter
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  • Ideas for April:
    April Fools Day
    World Health Day
    Passover Tax Day
    Earth Day National Honesty Day
    Alcohol Awareness Month Autism Awareness Month
    International Guitar Month Lawn and Garden Month
    National Humor Month National Poetry Month
    National Volunteer Month Sexual Assault Awareness Month
    Stress Awareness Month
    Start of the 2nd Quarter
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  • Ideas for May:
     Star Wars Day  Cinco de Mayo
     National Teachers Day  National Nurses Day
     Mothers Day  National Small Business Week
     Memorial Day  National Barbecue Month
     Arthritis Awareness Month  Mental Health Month
     National Bike Month  National Foster Care Month
     National Photo Month  National Physical Fitness and Sports Month
     Older Americans Month  
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  • Ideas for June:
     D-Day  Flag Day
     Fathers Day  World Refugee Day
     World Environment Day  Anniversary of the First American Spacewalk (1965)
     National Doughnut Day  Gay Pride Month
     Great Outdoors Month  National Adopt-a-Cat Month
     National Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Month  National Rose Month
     National Zoo and Aquarium Month  Student Safety Month
     End of the 2nd Quarter  
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  • Ideas for July:
     Canada Day  Independence Day
     Bastille Day  Parents Day
     Amelia Earhart Day  Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month
     Cord Blood Awareness Month  National Blueberry Month
     National Cell Phone Courtesy Month  National Grilling Month
     National Hot Dog Month  National Ice Cream Month
     National Picnic Month  National Vacation Rental Month
     Park and Recreation Month  UV Safety Month
     Start of the 3rd Quarter  
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  • Ideas for August:
     Friendship Day  Book Lover's Day
     International Left-Handers Day  World Humanitarian Day
     Women's Equality Day  International Bacon Day
     Cataract Awareness Month  Family Fun Month
     National Golf Month  National Eye Exam Month
     National Breastfeeding Month  National Immunization Awareness Month
     Psoriasis Awareness Month  Water Quality Month
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  • Ideas for September:
     Labor Day  9/11 Day
     World Suicide Prevention Day  International Chocolate Day
     National Coffee Day  
     Baby Safety Month  Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
     Classical Music Month  Hispanic Heritage Month
     Hunger Action Month  National Courtesy Month
     National Preparedness Month  National Recovery Month
     Self-Improvement Month  End of the 3rd Quarter
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  • Ideas for October:
     World Smile Day  Child Health Day
     Canadian Thanksgiving  Columbus Day
     Blog Action Day  Dictionary Day
     Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month  Breast Cancer Awareness Month
     Domestic Violence Awareness Month  Fair Trade Month
     LGBT History Month  National Apple Month
     National Book Month  National Energy Awareness Month
     National Bullying Prevention Month  Sarcastic Month
     SIDS, Pregnancy, Infant Loss Awareness Month  Substance Abuse Prevention Month
     Start of the 4th Quarter  
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  • Ideas for November:
     Daylight Savings Ends  Election Day
     Veterans Day  Great American Smokeout
     U.S. Thanksgiving  Black Friday
     Small Business Saturday  
     American Diabetes Month  American Indian Heritage Month
     Movember  National Adoption Awareness Month
     National Blog Posting Month  National Epilepsy Awareness Month
     National Novel Writing Month  Peanut Butter Lovers Month
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  • Ideas for December:
     Cyber Monday  World AIDS Day
     #GivingTuesday  Hanukkah
     Winter Soltice  Christmas
     Kwanzaa  New Year's Eve
     Bingo Month  National Eggnog Month
     National Fruitcake Month  Safe Toys and Gifts Month
     Write a Friend Month  End of the 4th Quarter
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  • Blogging Goals

  • Use these frequency goals to help ensure you have enough ideas to accomplish your goals.

    For Example: If your goal is to publish 2-3 times a week, then you should have 8-12 content ideas per month. Alternately, you could plan 4 content series per month, as long as each series will allow you to post 2-3 times per topic.

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  • Use these priorities to ensure you outline the appropriate action items to accomplish your goals.

    For Example: If your primary goal is to grow your email subscriber base, you should have at least 50% of your CTAs each month going to an opt-in form for your newsletter. That opt-in could be for a lead generator incentive (free report, ebook, etc...) that is related to the content in your post or just a general call to join your community for updates and announcements.


    Congratulations! You have completed our 1-Year Blogging Strategy planning guide. Click submit and your submission will be emailed to you at the address entered above.

    We reccomend that you take note of (at least) your average website views before you make any changes or initiate this new plan. Then we recommend reviewing those statistics each month to see if there has been any improvement in traffic to your site. It will also be helpful for you to note which posts and categories are getting the most traffic and engagement (comments, shares, etc...), for future planning efforts.

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