Spiritual Assessment

Spiritual Assessment

A spiritual gifts assessment for churches/ministries to help their members discover their strengths to serve within the church and their community. Form Preview
  • Spiritual Gift Assessment

  • Experience Inventory

    There is often a correlation between Christian experiences and spiritual gifts. This assessment explores personal experiences that might indicate which spiritual gifts you are most and least likely to have. It will help define your "spiritual job description" as it relates to God's call on your life.

    Read each statement and indicate how accurately each statement reflects you.


    •    Answer according to who you are, not who you would like to be.
    •    How true of you are these statements?
    •    What has been your experience?
    •    To what degree do these statements reflect your tendencies?
    •    Responses to individual questions are confidential. (Only the numerical ranking of each gift is reviewed in order to identify your top three gifts.)