Squats & Science USAPL Competition Form

Squats & Science USAPL Competition Form

We were unable to find a good template to use for competition applications so we built our own. We put quite a bit of conditional formatting to make the application process, as well as the paypal amount calculation as simple as possible. It's not a totally complete form (this is for raw only, full meet only) but is a good starting point. Please let us know if you'd like more features! Email us at contact@squatsandscience.com. Form Preview
  • 2016 USA Powerlifting Squats & Science Raw Championship

    USAPL Sanction NY-2016-11 - September 10th 2016 Please complete the form below to provide details about your submission
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  • $15 per shirt, $20 for XXL and XXXL

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  • Multiple divisions cost an extra $15

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  • All lifters competing in the Championship must be a member of USA Powerlifting. Memberships to USA Powerlifting can now be purchased on-line here: www.usapowerlifting.com

  • You can find the Release from Liability¬†here.

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  • Contact:

    Arian Khamesi

    Phone: 1-305-494-9966
    Email: arian@squatsandscience.com

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