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Store Review (VM)

Store Review (VM)

Visual Merchandising Form, particularly for clothing retail branches Form Preview

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    Pick a Date
  •   Excellent Good Fair Poor
    Brand guidelines as per US directive
    Tables are commercial and price pointed
    Concepts are highlighting correct elements
    Key elements are shown in focal areas
    New SKU's are merchandised in the front area
    Lighting is focused on key hot spots
    Correct price points are highlighted
    No negative spacing throughout walls
    Merchandising is balanced
    Opportunity of Add on sales is identified
    Quantities per SKU is balanced throughout fixtures (7 and 5 SKU's on fixtures / side on bars)
  •   Excellent Good Fair Poor
    Current directive displayed
    Lighting is focused correctly
    Mannequin composition is correct
    Highlighting key pieces/ on trend
    Mannequin bases are clean
    Banner rendering is displayed correctly
    Correct pricing is displayed
    Security hardtags removed
    Merchandise is steamed
  •   Excellent Good Fair Poor
    Composition is correct
    Styling tips are being followed
    Pinning is done correctly
    Correct sizes are used
    Correct shoes and heels are used
  •   Excellent Good Fair Poor
    No movement of fixtures unless directed
    Merchandise is correcty displayed on fixtures
    Fixture placement encourages customer flow
    Hangers are displayed correctly
    Commodity/Lifestyle is implemented
    Push test (All arms and fixtures are filled)
  •   Excellent Good Fair Poor
    Props are used correclty in each room
    Displays are balanced
    Bags are stuffed correctly
  •   Excellent Good Fair Poor
    Directives are being followed from US
    Conceptsd are strongly highlighted
    Using the correct visual props
  •   Excellent Good Fair Poor
    Fitting rooms are tidy
    Cash Wrap area is tidy
    Go back rails are done
    Standards are implemented (sizing, hanger positioned correctly on the fixtures)
    Security tags are implemented correctly on garments and accessories
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