Peer Evaluation Forms

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A peer evaluation form allows students or employees to provide feedback on each other’s work and performance. Whether you need to collect peer reviews for your class or your company, get started with Jotform’s free Peer Evaluation Forms. These customizable templates are ready to use as-is, or you can modify them to meet your exact needs using our drag-and-drop Form Builder. Students or employees can easily fill out the form and give feedback to their peers using any mobile device or computer. Submissions will be instantly stored in your secure Jotform account, easy to view, organize, download, or share with others.

Customize your Peer Evaluation Form Template in just a few clicks with Jotform Form Builder. No coding required — simply drag and drop to add form fields, survey questions, rating scales, images, logos, and more. You can also install widgets and app integrations, set up conditions and email notifications, and convert responses into PDFs or reports. When you’re done customizing, embed your form in your website or share it via link or email invite. Get peer feedback fast and increase engagement with one of Jotform’s Peer Evaluation Forms.

Peer Evaluation

Do you want to collect feedback about someone? With this peer feedback form template, you can eliminate paperwork and collect all your evaluations online. Peer to peer feedback form has questions about feedback for success in the job, person's strengths and weaknesses, person's collaborating with other team members. Also, you can write your feedback as a comment.

Peer Evaluation Forms

Annual Peer Performance Evaluation Form

An annual peer performance evaluation form is used by a supervisor to provide feedback to their employees on their performance over a year. Boost your progress via Jotform. No coding.

Peer Evaluation Forms

Assessment Form

An assessment form is a questionnaire used to make assessments with all necessary metrics included. Go online with no coding!

Employee Evaluation Forms

Student Peer Evaluation Form

A student peer evaluation form is a tool used by teachers to collect feedback about students from their peers. No coding!

Peer Evaluation Forms

CES Peer Evaluation Form

The form's goal is to objectively assess each team and assist one another to build on our strengths and address weaknesses.

Peer Evaluation Forms

Interview Evaluation Form

An interview evaluation form is used by interviewers to collect feedback from candidates on their performance.

Evaluation Forms