Subwoofer Project Assessment Form

Subwoofer Project Assessment Form

Subwoofer Enclosure Form Form Preview
S.C. Enclosure Design Project Assessment Form
  • Subsonic Center Enclosure Engineering Project Assessment Form

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  • -Terms of Service Agreement-

    Contact Information: Your Real Name, first and last, is required for the form. A Valid Email Address must be submitted in order to receive your Enclosure Design once it is sent, or if any additional contact must be made to assure a quality design. A Phone Number is optional and is only needed if it is an urgent situation with the designing process.

    Design Application/ Goal(s): Will this Enclosure Design be used for Car Audio, Home Audio, or Professional Audio? Car Audio is just as it's stated, for use in a vehicular environment. For Home Use it can be either in use for a Home Stereo, or Home Theater which would be best mentioned below in the Last Text box above the Order Status selection Button, or Professional Audio, used mainly outdoors, or indoors in a large facility, or venue.

    Sawing Attributes: This is what I use to determine what current sawing abilities are present. Such as the ability to Cut Angles, Utilize a router for Rounded Edges, or Kerf.

    Rules of the Purchase: In order to Purchase a design, you must submit the allotted payment amount chosen at the bottom indicated by the Order Status via PayPal: (

    You may submit the Form for me to review to assure that the space given is enough for the Goal(s) of the project, but a note must be made for me to review the form in the "Specific Information/ Goal(s) of The Project:" section of the form. This gives me a chance to review the form to assure there had not been any Typos made by the customer. If the amount chosen isn't submitted, I can not begin the Engineering Process, so until the Payment, the design will be put on hold.


    Re-Design Fee:

    I am now implementing a Re-Design Fee due to the high volume of customers who ask for a redesign either due to misinterpreted information, information that was incorrect in submitting the form, or just wasn't what they wanted. There are no if, and's or buts when it comes to this policy. I previously would allow for a Free Re-Design but that caused Que times for ALL customers to be delayed when one would require work, so if/ when a Re-Design is issued from a customer, a $15 Fee will be implemented immediately, and the Standard Turn-Around time will apply to these changes needing to be made, pushing you further back in Que. So I harp that you must ensure that in the form when it is Submitted that you Double/ Triple Check to assure that all information included is correct before submitting payment for there is no turning back one the Engineering Process has begun, even if I begin, and are not finished, a Re-Design fee will still be tacked on to the Order.

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    • Design Application/ Goal(s):                                                      

    • Sawing Attributes:                                                                      

    • Subwoofer Information:                                                             

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    • Output Response Bandwidth:                                                     

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