Summer 2017 Louisville High School UTR League Registration

Summer 2017 Louisville High School UTR League Registration

Registration form for a High School Tennis League Form Preview
  • Summer 2017 Louisville High School UTR Singles League Registration Form

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    If you currently have a Universal Tennis Rating ( please enter it below. If you do NOT have a UTR please refer to the chart below (click image to enlarge) and rate yourself appropriately. If you are unsure of your rating please ask your high school coach to assist in rating you. It is very important for ALL players to be rated appropriately to ensure the competitiveness of the league. Our goal is for All players to be within 1.5 UTR points of any other player they play during the league. If you have questions about your rating please email


    We will make every possible attempt to keep league play within each local region (see map below). We ask that you please choose a region that is convenient for the majority of your match play. This does NOT guarantee that you will not play a match outside your region but a majority of the matches will be within your region.

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