Taktse Fellowship Program Gap Year Application

Taktse Fellowship Program Gap Year Application

Gap year applicants looking to apply to the Taktse fellowship program, please fill out this form! Form Preview
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  • Taktse Gap Year Fellowship Application

  • Before filling out the application, please read over the entirety of the form to prepare all the necessary documents. 

    You will need to upload:

    1. A cover letter. 

    2. A resume.

    3. A PDF with your medical records

    4. A doctor's note confirming you are fit to travel in the Himalayas

    5. A $25 Application Fee

    6. 2 Reference Letters


    The Taktse International School Fellowship Program is an international, collaborative initiative that aims to bring cross-cultural education and professional development opportunities to the students and staff members of Taktse International School, as well as the international volunteers who apply to work at Taktse. The fellowship hopes to expose students, staff, and volunteers to new customs, cultures, and lifestyles while nurturing new and creative educational skills and partnerships. It is our hope that participating volunteers will acquire deep appreciations for the Himalayan region of northeastern India, as well as gain valuable life experience.


    1. Minimum stay of one semester (March to June, July to September, or October to December) 

    2. Be a high school graduate from either: (Waring High School, Philips Andover Academy, Philips Exeter Academy, Gould Academy, or St. Paul's High School)

    3. Be enrolled but on leave from one of our affiliated colleges: (Harvard, MIT, Brown, Swarthmore,  Yale, or the University of Chicago) 

    4. Be at least 17 years of age

    5. Be medically cleared with your physician to travel in the Himalayas

    6. $100/ week to cover basic food and lodging costs

    7. Be enthusiastic, passionate, and ready to embark on a wonderful adventure!



    Please complete the following sections to the best of your ability. Once your completed application is received, it will be reviewed and you will be notified of your status in the application process. 

  • General Information

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  •  -
  • Guardian Contact Information

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  •  -
  • Emergency Contact Information

  •  -
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  • Education

  • High School

  • University 1

  • University 2

  • Previous Volunteer & Work Experience

  • Organization 1

  • Organization 2

  • Organization 3

  • **You may include optional written examples of your experiences and other relevant achievements on the final page of this application, or you may upload an additional document.

  • Reference 1

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  • Reference 2

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  • Application Questions

  • Scholarship or Grant Coordinator Contact Information:

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  • Preferred dates

  • Will you have travel companions? If yes, please provide contact information

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  • 1.

  • In the following section, please describe some of the following characteristics you may possess that can be effective in the placement process. We like to use this information to best determine maximum effectiveness of your time during the Service Program, and match your strengths to our needs. For example, you may include one, some, or all of the following. You may also upload additional information as a separate document.

    1. Describe some of your strengths and/or weaknesses.

    2. What hobbies do you enjoy? (i.e. knitting, photography, sports, physical activities)

    3. Is there anything education-related or operations-related in which you excel?

    4. If you led a professional development session for the staff, what would you choose to focus on?

    5. Do you have language skills, educational training, experience working with kids, low-income populations?

    6. Do you have database or specialized technical experience?

  • 2.

  • Please use the following space to tell us about your achievements or any other relevant information you would like to convey to the Taktse Resource Coordinator or staff at the Taktse Service Program. This is optional, but encouraged.

  • Please use the following space to tell us about your achievements or any other relevant information you would like to convey to the Taktse Resource Coordinator or staff at the Taktse Service Program. This is optional, but encouraged.

  • 3.

  • Please use the following space to tell us what you wish to accomplish during your gap year, either personally, socially, or academically. How does a fellowship at Taktse fit into your plans? 


  • Please upload the following:

    1. A word document or pdf with a list of medications you currently take and their purposes. Include any and all medical conditions and/or allergies, or any reasons why you would not be fit to travel freely in the Himalayas. Keep in mind Taktse International School is at an altitutde of 6,000 feet. 

    2. Please upload a written permission from your doctor approving your health to travel to the Himalayas.

  • **Any and all medication information will be kept strictly confidential by Taktse Resource Coordinator. Medical information will only be shared under emergency conditions to an appropriate emergency care provider. 


  • Taktse International School Service Program may conduct a criminal history investigation through the Massachusetts Bureau of Investigation. Although a criminal conviction is not an automatic bar to participation, withholding or failing to disclose requested information may disqualify the applicant for consideration. I agree to submit my social security number to complete this background check, if necessary, upon request.  

  • I hereby state that I have not ever been dismissed or resigned from employment or volunteerism following an allegation of unlawful behavior involving a child and consent TISSP to conduct a background screening for criminal history arrest through the Massachusetts Board of Investigation. 


  • I hereby grant to the Taktse International School Service Program and to its representatives, employees, agents unrestricted rights to photograph or record me and use the photo(s) or recording(s) or any other digital production of me for publication processes whether in electronic, print, digital, or electronic publishing format. I release Taktse International School and its directors, board members, employees, legal representatives from all claims, actions, and liabilities related to use of said photographs or recordings.


  • Volunteers will demonstrate a commitment to the Taktse International School Service Program mission at all times.

    Volunteers shall not abuse students or staff in any way. Abuse of any kind is cause for immediate dismissal from the TISSP.

    Volunteers will respond to students and staff with respect, consideration, and fair treatment regardless of sex, race, religion, culture, economic level of the family or disability.

    Volunteers must appear neat, clean, and appropriately attired according to cultural norms. This includes time spent in town, exercising, and acting as a representative of Taktse International School.

    Volunteers must not reveal confidential information about students, families, or other volunteers, unless required by law.

    Profanity, inappropriate jokes, sharing inappropriate details of one’s personal life, and any kind of harassment in the presence of students, parents, staff, or other volunteers is prohibited.

    Volunteers will portray a positive role model for students by maintaining an attitude of loyalty, patience, courtesy, tact, and maturity.

    Volunteers should not give gifts to students, staff, or families. If unusual or unique circumstances arise, please refer to Principal Lauenstein for appropriate advice.

    Volunteers should not use photos of the school or of the students for personal gain.

    Volunteers that use social media and networking sites should not "friend" students if their profile contains adult or inappropriate language.

    Volunteers will act in a caring, honest, respectful, and responsible manner consistent with the mission of TISSP.

    Volunteers will not deliberately disobey explicit instructions given by the Taktse Principals, Heads of School (upper/lower), or Resource Coordinator. A lack of obedience may result in volunteer terminator or risk the entire survival of the program. 

    Volunteers should keep in mind that any relationship they have with members of the Taktse International School community should be consistent with this code of conduct.

    I understand the above list is not exhaustive, but are examples of expected codes of conduct. Any conduct believed to be inappropriate is grounds for immediate dismissal. I agree to follow the above code of conduct at all times during my participation at TIS.


  • **Please review and print for your records**

  • Travel deviations:

    If you voluntarily deviate from the TIS Fellowship Program scheduled itinerary you may not be able to apply the costs of the TIS Fellowship Program as a tax deduction. We recommend that you seek the advice of a tax advisor regarding this matter.

    Additionally, TIS must be informed of your complete travel plans so we can coordinate your arrival and departure with other members of the team and also be readily available with information regarding your whereabouts.

    Cancellation and refund:

    TIS Fellowship Program reserves the right to reject any application before departure. In this case, TIS Fellowship Program will refund the total amount you paid to TIS  (1) if the TIS Fellowship Program is filled at the time you apply, (2) if TIS Service Program does not accept your global volunteer application for any reason, or (3) if the TIS Service Program is canceled for any reason other than a U.S. State Department travel warning that applies to India, Sikkim or the Himalayas, or for any reason beyond the control of TIS that might impact its service program or the safety of the global volunteers. If you withdraw your participation in the TIS Service Program for any reason you must notify TIS immediately. TIS Service Program cannot make refunds for unused portions of the TIS Service Program itinerary or inability to participate.

    TIS Service Program cannot refund airfare penalties, transfer fees or any other fees under any circumstances; therefore we require travel insurance with your ticket. TIS or TIS Fellowship Program is not responsible for revoked or denied visas or permits.

    Please remember that you participate in the TIS Service Program as a global volunteer at your own risk. You acknowledge that there are dangers in traveling to and living and volunteering in India, Sikkim, and the Himalayas. You agree to travel and participate at your own risk. You agree to assume full responsibility for injury to you, including death and emotional trauma, and damage to or theft of your property.

    You agree not to sue TIS, TIS Service Program, the Marion Institute, the host, or any entity related to the TIS Service Program. You will not sue TIS, TIS Service Program, the Marion Institute, the host, or any entity related to the TIS Service Program because of negligence of global volunteers, the host, or intentional acts of anyone else. If anyone, e.g. you, a family member, spouse, etc., sues TIS or any entity related to the TIS Service Program because of negligence, unintentional acts, or intentional acts, you or your estate will reimburse TIS for all judgments and costs including reasonable attorney fees.

    You agree to follow rules and laws. TIS Service Program requires that all global volunteers follow all applicable rules, policies and guidelines of TIS, TIS Service Program, the host, or any entity related to the TIS Service Program. This includes cultural parameters as well as the local laws and customs. If you do not follow all rules, laws, policies, and guidelines, TIS and any TIS Service Program team leader has the right to ask you to leave the community immediately. If you are asked to leave, you agree to leave the community immediately and you will absorb all elevated costs for your immediate departure, including changes in airfare.

    You agree that the TIS Service Program application and agreement is construed under the laws of both the state of Sikkim, India and Massachusetts, USA. You agree that this application and agreement is to be construed broadly to provide a release, indemnification and waiver to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law. In signing this agreement, you acknowledge (1) that you have read this entire document, (2) that you understand its terms, (3) that you are at least 18 and if not that your guardian/parent has also agreed to all terms (4) that by signing it you are giving up substantial legal rights you might otherwise have, and (5) that you have signed it knowingly and voluntarily. If any provision of this Agreement is unenforceable or too broad to be enforced to its full extent, then that provision and the remaining provisions will be enforced to the maximum extent permitted by law.

    If personal, academic or other developments make travel impossible at the time planned, placements can be deferred for a minimal charge. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

    Once you have been accepted and your travel plans have been set, you will have to pay the total fee as indicated on the fellowship website.

    If you cancel with a:

    • notice of 3 full months – One third of total cost will be kept

    • notice less than 3 full months – No refund

    Thank you for your kind attention to these details and for your interest in participating in the TIS Fellowship Program! Please don’t forget to complete each portion of the application.

  • Application Fee

  • Program Fee


  • Speak to TIS alumni

    There’s an easy way to see if the TIS service program experience is right for you; ask the people who’ve already been on one of our programs. On the website is also the contact information of our most recent volunteers. For any further information, feel free to e-mail our fellowship board at fellowshipboard@taktse.org or check out our website (www.taktse.org).

    Visas, insurance and vaccinations

    With a few exceptions, you will need to apply for a visa. We will give you the relevant documents and advice. Types of visa vary upon how long you will stay and what you will be doing. Prices also vary accordingly. We advise you to consult your doctor or health center for up-to-date information about vaccinations. You can also visit the US Department of Health at www.cdc.gov/travel. Since we are not medical experts, our advice on vaccinations and other medical matters can only be informal.

    Please do not apply for any Visas or make any travel arrangements until your application to TIS as a Fellow or Visitor has been approved. If you have not heard from us within 2 weeks of this application please send an email to: s.chhetri@taktse.org

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