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A teacher evaluation form gathers student feedback in order to evaluate a teacher’s effectiveness in the classroom. Find out what your school’s students think about their teachers with Jotform’s free Teacher Evaluation Forms. These readymade templates are easy to customize and share with students, and all submissions are instantly stored in your secure Jotform account. Responses can be viewed as a spreadsheet, shared with other administrators, and even turned into visual reports to help you better understand your data.

Customize any of the Teacher Evaluation Form Templates below to match your school. Simply select the one that best fits your needs and open it in our drag-and-drop Form Builder to begin customizing it. Without coding, you can add form fields, survey questions, images, widgets, app integrations, and your branding. When it’s ready, publish your form on your school website or email it directly to students to begin collecting feedback about your school’s teachers. Find out what your teachers are doing successfully and what they can improve on with a custom Teacher Evaluation Form for your school.

Instructor Evaluation Form

An Instructor Evaluation Survey is a feedback form used by teachers to evaluate the performance of an instructor.

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Teachers Assessment Form

Set your institutional standards using this Teacher Assessment Form Template. Get their strengths and weaknesses and help them improve their teaching practice. Get this template free form Jotform!

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Teacher Observation Form

Use this Teacher Observation form template for rating your faculty members in their teaching practices. Just copy this form into your Jotform account for free and modify it by dragging and dropping fields to your form. It's easy!

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Teacher Evaluation Form

A teacher evaluation form is a document used to evaluate the effectiveness of a teacher based on several criteria.

Teacher Evaluation Forms

Assessment Form

An assessment form is a questionnaire used to make assessments with all necessary metrics included. Go online with no coding!

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Parent Feedback Form

Now, the feedback of the parents, as well as the students, is important. Collect feedback and improve your organization with the Parent Feedback Form. No code required!

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Lecture Evaluation Form

A lecture evaluation form is used by students to provide feedback to their lecturers. Whether you teach at a primary school, secondary school, college, or university, use this free Lecture Evaluation Form.

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Teacher Self Evaluation Form

A teacher self evaluation form is used by teachers to evaluate their own performance.

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Social Work Referral Form

A teacher referral form is a document that a teacher uses to indicate a student who has demonstrated behavior that may indicate the need for special services.

Teacher Evaluation Forms

Soccer Shots Park Program Evaluation

Please use this form to evaluate your park program coaches.

Teacher Evaluation Forms

Sunday School Teacher Evaluation Form

A Sunday School Teacher Evaluation Form is used by Sunday School teachers to gauge the effectiveness of their lessons. Customize this template without coding!

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Homework Submission Form

This homework submission form template enables you to collect work from students on your terms and maintain control over the grading process. No coding.

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Continuing Education Evaluation Form

A continuing education evaluation form is used by administrators of continuing education courses to measure the effectiveness of their educational course. Start receiving feedback with Jotform!

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Soccer Coach Evaluation Form

A soccer coach evaluation form is a survey or evaluation used by teams and organizations to measure the effectiveness of their soccer coaches. Customize with no coding required.

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Evaluation Teacher Data Form

Evaluation form for Teachers

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Mini Evaluation Form for Instructors

Designed for quick evaluation of online instructors.

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CPE 5D Teacher Evaluation Form

This aligns to the 5D+ rubric.

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Preschool Teacher Performance Evaluation Form

A preschool teacher performance evaluation form is used by teachers and school administration to evaluate the performance of a preschool teacher. Collect feedback with Jotform!

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Substitute Teacher Reporting Form

A substitute teacher reporting form is a document used by school administrators to track information about substitute teachers. Quickly find information about the substitute teacher's notes about both the lesson and the students.

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Lesson Observation Form

An inspector lesson observation form is a document used by school inspectors to assess what quality of education and teaching is provided in a school.

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