The Flow Accelerator - pre-work

The Flow Accelerator - pre-work

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  • Each time we get together, we aim to help you get clear on 2 things.

    #1 Highlights and learnings for you and your business during the period between meetups

    #2 Clear measurement of progress, so we can celebrate and recognise.

    The following short questionnaire will help us do this.

    It shouldnt take you more than 15-20 mins if you're clear about where you're at.

    It's hugely important you keep to then end and fill in the final two pages. Without this, it'll be hard for you to get maximum value from the Mastermind part of day 1.

    Let's start with your info...

  • First, let's get the helicopter view

  • When you consider the past 90 days, do you feel you've nailed it across the three core areas that make up the Leveraged program's focus?

  • DELIVER value-add service

  • RESOURCE to make it happen

  • Let's delve into some of your ATTRACT

  • scaleable MARKETING