Troop Initial Cookie Order and Rewards

Troop Initial Cookie Order and Rewards

Use this form to have parents submit cookie orders during the initial cookie ordering process. To have the form send to a spreadsheet, go to integrations and connect to your google spreadsheet account. Form Preview
  • Troop Cookie Re-Orders

    In order to be efficient and considerate of cookie managers time, dates will be posted in BAND for when the cookie cupboard pick-up will be done. Cookie Manager will not go to the cupboard for less than one case.
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  • Click the green box to begin selection. Click Submit when all fields have been entered.

    If you have more than one girl participating in cookie sells, complete one form per girl.

    • Cookie ReOrders  
    • Please enter total boxes for each cookie, including Digital Cookie - Girl Delivered (in-person). Digital Cookie can be found on your girls DC site under COOKIE ORDERS > DELIVERED > SELECT ALL and Export to spreadsheet to view cookies

    • Girl Rewards  
    • Choose a reward for each level

      The rewards can be found on the back of the cookie order form
    • Please note; quantities between 38-138 have prizes pre-selected, if qualified, as well as initial order prizes (168-228), digital cookie (50-100), and Smiles for Military (15-150).

      Should your girl sale more than her initial order, we still need to submit rewards for ALL quantities in case she exceeds her goal.

      All rewards are cumulative. Make/Model/Color may vary.

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