Usborne Books & More Host Tips!

Usborne Books & More Host Tips!

Form to send out to hostess before the party. I typically say this is to get all your info in one place and give you some details about hosting. Form Preview
  • Usborne Books & More Host Tips!

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  • STEP 1: Make a list of who you will invite

    This is going to sound crazy, but shoot for 100 people (or more!) on that list (remember, everyone has kids in their lives, so don't just limit it to people who are parents...let THEM decide if they want to attend). Below are all great categories to draw from when making your list. Think of 20 people from each category and you've got your list of 100 people!! See not so bad. And this won't take long... I promise. Shoot for a wide range of ages - the more diverse your party audience is, the better your party will be! KEEP sending messages until you have 25-50 people who want an invite to the event.

  • Step 2: Invite Your Friends...the RIGHT Way! :)

    The most important aspect of inviting is to PERSONALLY reach out to your potential guests (phone, text, FB message, email, however you normally communicate with each one!) and ask if they are interested in an invite to your event. Then we ONLY add guests to the event page who have responded with a yes! This respects your friend's time and interest AND will ensure everyone invited on the event page is interested, active, and wants to be there. :)

  • Step 3: Have FUN!

    Have you ever gone to a party where nobody is talking or interacting, and everyone is just dying to leave? BOOORRRINNG! Well, good thing you won't have that kind of party! The best way to get your guests to participate (and purchase) is for YOU to participate, be enthusiastic, and personally interact with your guests!

  • Ever thought about being a book lady yourself?

    If you decide to join my team BEFORE your party, you would get the sales, the commission, any parties booked, AND double hostess rewards! How awesome is that? If you're interested, let me know. If not, no worries!

  • Thank you for hosting! I am excited to party with you!

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