Vendor Registration 3

Vendor Registration 3

Doula Fair Bellies, birth, and babies expo Form Preview
  • You are invited to participate in the Sixth Annual

    Bellies, Birth, & Babies Expo

    Sponsored by the Doulas of Lane County

    The Doulas of Lane County are pleased to invite you to a brand new event! We are significantly expanding the size of our venue, the length of the event, the scope of exhibitors and practcitioners we are inviting to participate, and most importantly, our vision for the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care community in the Lane County area. We are inviting the public into a space of interactive learning and engagement, and we hope you will join us in creating that environment. Bring your skills, bring your creativity, and bring your passion for mamas and babies to the Willamalane Center for Sports and Recreation (250 32nd St., Springfield) on Saturday June 4, 2016. The event will be open to the public from 12-4pm, for a suggested donation of $5 per family.

    Our Vision is to create and educational, interactive, & informative event for childbearing families, where attendees:

    1. Learn about community services and local businesses
    2. Engage in demonstrations and games
    3. Acquire useful knowledge and skills for their journey from preconception through early parenthood

    Planned attractions include prenatal yoga, massage and body work, positioning and pain relief measures for labor, lactation support, infant care skills and soothing techniques, cloth diapering, baby wearing, nutrition education, and much more! We are also expanding the small business retail segment so that families will become acquainted with the pregnancy-and-baby-related goods and products available in our community.

    What do you wish the public knew about your services or business?
    This is your opportunity to inform and engage them! We hope you will join us to share your wisdom, skills, and helpful tips, and of course, to promote your business, organization, and services!

    Our goal is to see at least 1,000 members of the public attend our event. Would you like 1,000+ mothers and families in the baby years exposed to your product or services?

    Early Bird Special! Sign up for your booth before May 1st for $20 off your booth price.

    This application needs to be submitted and paid for no later than May 14th.

    For more information, contact     .

    Thank you!

    Doulas of Lane County

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    Booths are rented on a first come, first served basis.

  • Body Work Space

    This year we will be offering the body work participants including but not limited to massage, craniosacral therapy, reiki, etc. a space seperate from the main vendors.

    Pregnant women will be presented with a 1/2 price body work session at the entrance to the event. Signing up for a booth in the body work room means you agree to honor this discount. We also ask that the body work vendors provide body work in a maximum 15 min block of time. Our concept of this space is offering the participants a taste and glimps of what your specialty is and how they would benefit from your services.


  • Important Event Information

    Event begins at 12pm on Saturday June 4th, and ends at 4pm. Booth setup begins at 10am. Booths must be completed no later than 11:45am. Vendors are responsible for setup and tear down of booths. Vendors have untill 4:30pm for break down of their booth. Vendors are expected to stay and participate through out the entire event.

    The Doulas of Lane County will be providing each family a reusable bag to collect samples, coupons, handouts, ect as they move from booth to booth.


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