VPN Template

VPN Template

This form will help you gather all the necessary information to establish an IPSEC VPN Tunnel with a business partner. Modify each of the drop downs to only allow VPN configurations that your particular VPN server supports. Also, make sure you mark the preferred options you want. As a final note, you should be using the JotForm encryption function here to make sure security keys don't get sent in an unencrypted fashion. Form Preview
    • Is this form secure? Your entries will be encrypted inside of your web browser before being transmitted. Only authorized users have the decryption key to this form.

    • What if I have more questions? Please include any further questions you have at the bottom of this form, or contact us directly.
  • Why do we need this VPN created?

    • VPN Purpose #1
    • VPN Purpose #2

    Information about Our VPN Services

    • Our Public IP:
    • Our Public FQDN: vpn.domain.tld
    • Our VPN Equipment : ACME VPN Server (v0.0.0.0)

    Least Privleges

    • We will only request access to resources and servers which are required to complete the integration. For most customer environments, the required set of resources is outlined below.
      • Configuration #1
        • Web Server (port 80 & 443)
        • Integration Server (port 9443)
      • Configuration #2
        • Web Server (port 80 & 443)
        • SQL Server (port 1443)
  • IPSEC Settings

  • The Pre-Shared Key you see below was randomly generated for you when you launched this form. It will be encrypted and transmitted to us securely when you submit this form.

    • Randomly Generated: The pre-shared key you see below was randomly generated for you when this form was launched.
    • Security : The key will be encrypted and sent to us securely when the form is submitted.
    • Want to use your own key? :

  • Phase 1

    For the options in this section, our preferred settings are indicated. Please select the settings that best fit your network.

    A note about "Other": We can accomodate a wide-range of VPN settings. If you would like to request a setting that is not pre-defined, please fill in the Other field. Using the "other" field may delay the VPN creation process as we validate your requested settings.

  • Phase 2

    Remote Subnet: Please select from one of the two offered subnets listed below. If neither will work, please select either a /24 or /28 subnet of your choice and provide it in the Other field. We will create a "NAT over IPSEC" tunnel using your selected subnet.

  • My Network: Please list the servers on your side of the tunnel that we will be accessing. This should be listed as individual server IP Addresses.

    Important Note: Customer side network using a /24 range must be approved before they can be built. When possible, please submit the individual IP addresses of each server instead of a CIDR subnet range here.

    Also, a brief description of the IP address such as (Allscripts Test Server) is appreciated when possible. This will enable us to monitor the VPN tunnel more effectively.

  • Should be Empty:
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