We Eat Responsibly Household Food Review

We Eat Responsibly Household Food Review

We Eat Responsibly Malta prepared the household review on jotform to make it easier to process data. Form Preview
  • We Eat Responsibly Household Food Review

  • What you eat at home…

    EkoSkola Committee questionnaire for Menu for Change

    Dear students and parents/guardians,

    On behalf of all the members of the EkoSkola Committee for the "Menu for Change" project, we want to ask you for help in analysing food consumption in households.

    The questionnaire you have in your hands is very important for our work. Aside from the fact that everyone on our team will fill it out with the help of their parents, we are asking the same of our schoolmates and their parents as well. This way we hope to get an idea of what food consumption in our homes looks like. This information will help us decide what activities our Action Plan should consist of.

    We would be very glad if you could help us with this decision by filling out this questionnaire. We promise to evaluate your responses anonymously and to use them solely in order to plan out our activities.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    If you have any questions about this form, please ask. We will be happy to answer. Under some question there are instructions on how to answer them. Unless otherwise indicated you can reply to the questions by yourself.  Some questions need parents/guardians

    and students to discuss the answers.

    Your EkoSkola Committee

  • 1. We would like to know where you get your food from. For each statement, please tick off how much you make use of it. Discuss with parent/guardian.

  • 3. Based on what criteria do you decide which food to buy?

    Read each statement carefully and choose the response that corresponds to how you decide what to buy when shopping. Discuss with parent/guardian before you tick off the selected response for each statement.

  • 4. How often do you eat the following at home?

    Check off the appropriate answer.



  • 5. How often do you eat breakfast per week?

  • 6. How often do you go to fast food outlets?

  •   Directly from the farmer/fisherman/producer Local product but unknown producer Somewhere in Europe Somewhere outside Europe
    Beans and lentils
  • 12. What are the most frequent reasons for throwing away food at home?

    On scale 1 to 4 when 1 means “never” and 4 means “always” check off the related option based on how it works at your home.

  •   Never Rarely Frequently Always
    It goes bad
    It goes past its best before date
    We cook too much and food is left over
    Nobody feels like eating it anymore
    There's an accident (falls on the floor, burns, etc.)
    1. To what extent do you think that by changes in areas that the questionnaire focused on we can influence the world?

    Tick off one of the buttons next to the statement that fits your opinion.

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