Weekly Logbook for UMD IHS

Weekly Logbook for UMD IHS

Weekly feedback on the conditions and learnings within the specialization. Form Preview
  • Weekly Logbook

  • tell us and yourself what this week was like

    (to be filled every weekend before Sunday 14.00h)

  • This logbook is mainly for you: it should help you taking charge of your own learning process. We want to encourage both aspects of your work – your freedom and your responsibility.

    We expect you to write it for yourself as the main addressee. It should help you in your self-evaluation – and the evaluation of your learning environment.

    The "week" refers to the period from Saturday morning till Friday afternoon.

    We will not evaluate or grade your report, but use your feedback to better monitor and steer the course’s development. However, if you fail to submit, 0.1 of your final grade will be deducted for each week missing. Please be aware that you cannot submit later.

    Your personal logbook will be treated confidentially.

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