WFP USA ICANGOWITHOUT iphone App content guidelines 2

WFP USA ICANGOWITHOUT iphone App content guidelines 2

iPhone App content guidelines for World Food Program (WFP) Form Preview
  • ICGW iphone App content guidelines

  • The goal of this form is to allow our partners to see the type of content we require for our application and to allow you to be able to validate the key information we have.

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  • Challenges

  • Challenges are generally low value and easy to complete at level one they get progressivly dificult in line with skill and ability to complete as the user levels up. Challenges can be Solo or Group based.Challenges are often attached to low value gifts e.g a mosquito net or food for a day etc.


  • Projects

  • Projects are open to the whole community and have larger financial goals. However, like "challenges" they start off easy and become progressively more difficult as you build your network knowledge and level up.


  • Additional Information:

  • Please provide any information that would assist us in developing content that best represents your activities and specific goals.

  • Should be Empty: