WYSA Player Transfer Request

WYSA Player Transfer Request

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  • Player Transfer Request Form

  • A player is considered committed to a team for the seasonal year (8/1 - 7/31) when a written acceptance occurs and a parent/guardian completes the player registration form and submits it to a club representative.  

    If at any time during the registration year, a competitive player desires to transfer to another club's team (interclub transfer), that player must submit this form with transfer fees to the State Association.

    If your situation meets this criteria, please click the button below to begin the request submission process.

    NOTE:  Once you begin this form, it must be completed and submitted in full or you will need to start over.

    ALSO, you will need to know the 'Team Number' as registered with WYSA (and the LeagueOne system) for both your Current Team and Intended Team to successfully complete this form.  Get the Team Number from your Current and Intended Club before starting this form.