Y-1 Registration Form

Y-1 Registration Form

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  • Richard Carranza, Chancellor
  • YABC Guidance Referral Form (Y-1 Form)

  • To attend any Young Adult Borough Center city-wide, a student must be beyond compulsory age, have at least 17 credits, and be in your 5th year of high school prior to registering at a YABC. Young Adult Borough Centers are evening programs that provide classroom instruction and support services leading to a high school diploma; diplomas are awarded by the students’ home school. No student will be admitted to a YABC until both the Guidance Referral Form (Form Y-1) and the Course Requirements Form (Form Y-2) are completed and signed by the student’s guidance counselor. The Guidance Referral Form documents the individualized counseling session and student’s and parent’s consent to transfer to a YABC. The Course Requirements Form must indicate all of the student’s outstanding course work and the RCT or Regents exams required for graduation. By completing and signing the Course Requirements Form, the referring school acknowledges that the student will be granted a diploma upon completion of the course work and exams listed.

    Please provide the following documents to the student to give to the YABC to which the student wishes to transfer:
    ◦A current transcript (and current IEP if applicable)
    ◦Immunization record
    ◦A signed copy of this form (Guidance Referral Form - Form Y-1)
    ◦YABC Course Requirements Form (Form Y-2)

    These documents are required for a valid transfer to YABC. Copies of all of these documents should be kept by the sending school.

  • YABC Site: John Adams High School 

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  • Student and Parent Consent

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  • Student Consent

    I have received information about the YABC program, and I am interested in attending the YABC at John Adams High School. 

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