Telecommuting Forms

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Telecommuting forms are used to communicate with employees and ensure that a work-from-home arrangement is going well for everyone involved. With our range of free online Telecommuting Forms, employers can collect employee feedback, equipment requests, time sheets, and more! Just choose a form template from the list below, customize it to match your company, and embed it in your website or share it with a link to start collecting submissions. Your Jotform account is easily accessible on any device, letting you monitor employee responses on your phone, tablet, or computer.

If you need to add questions, your company logo, or e-signature or file upload fields to your chosen Telecommuting Form, do it in a couple of clicks with our drag-and-drop Form Builder. You can even sync submissions directly to your other accounts, cutting out manual data entry and improving your workflow! Our 100+ free form integrations include Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, Box, Airtable, and more. With free online Telecommuting Forms collecting data for you, you can easily check in on your employees and ensure their telework is going well.

Leave Request Form

The template allows getting instant leave requests from employees with all relevant information that is needed. You can add more customized fields with Jotform.

Leave of Absence Forms

Employee End Of Day Report

Track employee progress with an Employee End of Day Report Form. View goals, tasks, complaints, and questions online. Customize and embed for free!.

Telecommuting Forms

Employee Motivation Survey

Conduct motivation self-assessments on any device with an online Employee Motivation Survey. Free to customize and share. Analyze results to improve your business.

Employee Surveys

IT Service Ticket Form

A standard IT Service Form, useful for businesses that deal with everyday IT related tasks which can be used as an IT service ticket template that allows file attachment and provides an area for further information.

IT Request Forms

Remote Work Survey

Analyze your current work from home policy with a free online Remote Work Survey. Ideal for coronavirus-related remote workplaces. Sync responses to 100+ apps.

Employee Evaluation Forms

Employee Complaint Form

A very useful form when there is a complaint by an employee against another employee, senior manager or supervisor. You can use this employee complaint form sample for documenting any complaints. This employee complaint form template includes company name, name of the employee, date of the complaint, supervisor's name, description the details of the complaint, additional comments, supervisor's comments, signature.

Employment Forms

Time Off Request Form

The Time Off Request Form allows to track employee time off requests on a daily basis, where employees enter their contact information, start and end date of their leave, time interval information and further comments if any.

Time Off Request Forms

Client Call Log

A client call log is a log of information about a client and the client’s interactions with an organization.

Tracking Forms

Schedule A Zoom Meeting Form

Let coworkers or clients schedule Zoom meetings directly through your website. Add new registrants automatically. Automate your workflow today!

Telecommuting Forms

Medical Employment Information Form

Here is an Employee Medical History Form that can be used to create an employee medical information database which provides employee contact information along with emergency contact information and medical insurance details.

Employee Information Forms

Equipment Loan Form

Use this equipment loan form template when taking records of when equipment is being taken out of the facilities. This loan form sample contains fields which are asking for equipment, loaned to, check out details, partnership agreement, and terms. Also, thanks to the print button in it, you can easily print the equipment loan agreement for any further usage.

Loan Application Forms

Simple Time Sheet Form

A simple timesheet form is a way to track employee hours and, usually, the work they performed during those hours. No coding!

Tracking Forms

Issue Tracking Form

Collect issue reports from company members with a free online Issue Tracking Form. Great for IT departments. Sync with 100+ apps. View responses on any device.

Tracking Forms

Create Account

Is your company looking for online members? Use this create account template to register more. New account form template contains personal information, the username which you prefer and your avatar. You can make them part of your company with this account form template.

Registration Forms

Work From Home Request Form

Accept online employee requests to work from home. Collect employee info, start and end dates, and e-signatures. Easy to customize, integrate, and share.

Request Forms

Track Borrowed Items Form

Easily keep track of items that students/employee check out from the classroom/office with a clean borrowed items form. To keep an accurate inventory of who borrowed what and when you need a borrowed items form template that collects all relevant information. When looking to create your own form, get started with our borrowing form sample as a guide and then customize it to fit your needs. With fully customizable borrowed item form templates, you can apps and widgets that fit the item being lent out and encourage engagement.

Tracking Forms

Equipment Checkout Form

Keep track of who’s borrowing company equipment with this free online form. Easy to customize and share. Sync with 100+ popular apps. No coding required.

Tracking Forms

Departmental Report Form

A Departmental Report Form template useful for preparing daily reports regarding the department, internal issues and payroll through areas to fill/select/upload necessary information and documents with the manager contact information.

Report Forms

Zoom Appointment Form

Schedule Zoom appointments directly through your website. Great for telemedicine. Optional HIPAA compliance features. Accept payments with no extra fees.

Telecommuting Forms

Employee Availability Form

Receive employee availability online with a free Employee Availability Form. Easy to share and fill in on any device. Send responses to 100+ popular apps.

Employee Information Forms

90 Day Employee Evaluation Form

Monitor the improvement of a new employee by using this 90 Day Employee Evaluation Form. This form is helpful in deliberating if the employee is suitable for the position or not.

Employee Evaluation Forms

CRM Support Ticket Form

A CRM support ticket form is a customer feedback survey that can be filled out by a customer or representative.

IT Request Forms

IT Support Request Form

Are you providing IT support? With this IT support request form template, your customers provide information on the internet connection, the operating system and details of the problem. They can also upload a screenshot by using this technical support request form template. This IT support template is very useful for those stressful times.

IT Request Forms

Damaged Equipment Form

Monitor damage done to company equipment. Receive submissions instantly. Easy to customize and share. Connect to 100+ apps. No coding required.

Report Forms