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How to Create an Excel Report?

Last Update: June 3, 2016

The Reports feature lets you generate an excel report of the submissions and share it with others. 

1. Login to JotForm and click "My Forms" at the top website menu

2. Select the Form from the list and click on 'Reports'

4. Click on 'Add New Report'.

5. Choose 'Excel Report' from the options click on 'Next'

6. You can choose what fields are to be included in the report. To restrict access to the report you can enable Password Protection

7. Copy the generated report URL and click "Close" button

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  • hayflick

    How do I set up regular emailing of my reports?

  • Dew

    How can I get the short column names (fieldname) in the Excel Report?

    Thank you.

  • Dew

    I mean the field names that can be inserted when generating email.

  • purplegroup

    Is this link that is being generated constantly updated with new submissions? Or is it only capturing current submissions before the final step of the wizard report?

  • DEYC

    In my form in the last item: the report includes payee info and payee address all in the last DInner Cost column. How do I get it to separate payee info and payee address into their own columns in xl sheet? Having it all in one column adds many keystrokes to get it to a workable size. Do like your app!

  • russ1111


    Can I get an excel or CSV file to automatically get updated into my dropbox folder??

    This would be seriously useful.



  • Ben

    cool something I was looking for. This page I use definitely in my top 10 for theme excel. The following is also very helpful. Look at

  • Steve Breeden

    We are currently running a Homecoming event with many single events held within it. Currently, it is dumping all the individual event information under one column of cells called "Events: Products. This means we have to look by hand to see which events the customer is signed up for and how many are attending each event. I need this information to be listed separately by each event and number attanding each event. Can this be done?

  • mrotjan

    It would be great if we could add a deliminiator for multiple select items to the excel report.


  • katherinekay


    Is there a way to create a report of only new submissions, i.e. those that were not pulled out in previous versions?


  • bthompson7474

    I'm looking at running a report that is a summary of all the data for each questionnaire. How do I do that?

  • LFDjotforms

    I am trying to download and excel report; however it limits me to 10,000 occurrences. How do I expand it so that I can get all of the data on one report?

  • wengriffinapt

    Is there a way to create an Excel report that is a consolidation of submissions from multiple forms?

  • QCGU

    If my form is encrypted how do I un-encrypt the report. I keep getting code in my excel report.

  • drwilburne

    Is it possible for the excel spreadsheet to separate selections with a comma when a user submits an answer with more than on answer? Example: Please select all counties that you serve. Mifflin, Juniata, Dauphin, Philadelphia, etc...

  • dreamforge

    Can I link this excel report to update automatically to my excel online account / MS sharepoint account - so that it shows latest data of all in one place so that I can share it?

  • prossmann

    Is there a way to format the Excel report so that columns are either left justified, or some are centered?

  • promisedlands

    I have multiple forms. Part of the filled in items are everytime the same (name, email, stuff like that).

    Can I change the order in the Excel reporting? For instance: I have 8 forms with different questions on each, but all have somewhere in the form a question about name and email. I want to generate excel reports for all 8 forms that I start everytime with the recurring data (name, email etc).

  • cris74

    When will you replace the manual process by an automatic data flow, as already exists for Google sheets?

  • NCUCapex

    When exporting my data into Excel, it presents the fields horizontally. Is there a way to present the information in Excel so that it presents the fields vertically? Example:
    Field 1 Field 2 Field 3
    Want it like this:
    Field 1
    Field 2
    Field 3

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