Add a ‘Contact Us’ form in a BigCommerce page

October 15, 2021

Adding a contact form to your BigCommerce store is easily done with JotForm.

Create a new form using one of available Jotform Templates, or manually per your own requirements using our Form Builder.

When you’re done creating your form, you need to get the iFrame Embed code and put it on your web page. To get the iframe embed, please follow our steps here

In your BigCommerce control panel, go to Storefront > Web Pages > Create a Web Page button or click the page you want to add the form.

Select the WYSIWYG editor option from the Web Site Link.

Enter your Page Name under Web Page Details.

Click the HTML icon in the WYSIWYG editor and paste the iframe codes in the box.

Click the Update button at the bottom of the HTML window.

BigCommerce will remove or change the HTML attributes in the iframe embed codes, so you need to click the HTML icon again. 

In the HTML box, you’ll see the width and height values are changed to 320 and 240 respectively. Change the width to 100% and change the height value to the height of your form. Try 1000px or more to accommodate the form or until you won’t see the scrollbar in the preview of the page. 

Save your changes.

That’s it! You are now using Jotform for your BigCommerce page.

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