Custom Colors for Multi-upload Buttons

Last Update: October 10, 2016

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Oftentimes, the default orange color of multi-upload buttons does not blend well with other colors on the form or the color scheme of the page within which the form is embedded and an alternative is desired. Thankfully, CSS can be injected to render the buttons in the color of our choice. Below are just a few examples but more will follow in due course. To get the CSS that needs to be used to generate a particular color, click the button in question, copy the code you see to your clipboard and paste it into the Inject Custom CSS section of the form's preferences. (Please see How to Inject Custom CSS Codes.)

Charcoal Multi-upload Button

Dark Gray Multi-upload Button

Medium Gray Multi-upload Button

Light Gray Multi-upload Button

red multi-upload button

green multi-upload button

blue multi-upload button

Injecting the CSS codes provided will make ALL of the multi-upload buttons in the form the same color. Applying colors individually requires more specificity and you would need to get the ID of each button from the source of the form. (A tool like Firebug simplifies such tasks. Your browser may also have developer tools to help you quickly locate the IDs.) Below is a screenshot of a form containing three independently colored multi-upload buttons. The first one is the default provided by the form builder to which some extra CSS has been applied to correct its appearance in Opera 11.10+ and improve the said appearance in IE6+:

(Click image to view live form)

Three Multi-upload Buttons

Here's the injected CSS used in this form.

To change the buttons' text, please see emrew86's post in the forum thread titled Upload Button Text "Upload a File"

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