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Facebook Forms Integration Video

Facebook Forms Integration Video

Integrating JotForm with Facebook allows you to collect certain information from your form user's Facebook Profile (i.e. name, email, birthdate, etc.) with their permission, so that you will no longer need to include fields like Name, Email, and others in your JotForm's Form. For more information's please visit

To integrate your forms with Facebook, please follow this video tutorial

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  • Lyza

    "Sorry, we couldn’t find that page
    Make sure you’ve typed the URL correctly, or try searching Vimeo. You could also watch one of the videos below instead."

    the video tutorial said

  • trmahadi

    This option doesn't work. Tried with fit Form option too. Didn't work any of them. Please give a solution.

  • kingfisherweddings

    This video is out of date and does not show Facebook as an integration in th edrop down.

  • Suzy224

    I don't see Facebook as an option for integration?

  • Antoinesail

    Has the Facebook integration disappeared? Can't find it under the integration menu...

  • lota lota

    I want 300 friend on Facebook

  • mogadmin

    If I am an "admin" for various pages on Facebook... different clients... do I still follow these same steps?

    And do it separately via each client's page area?