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Create a Submission Limit Using JotForm with PHP and RSS Reports

Create a Submission Limit Using JotForm with PHP and RSS Reports

Update: Submissions limit has been implemented as a Jotform core feature. Check this guide to learn how: How to Limit Submissions in a Form.

For those who urgently need the submission limit feature, we have a quick solution for you.

But first thing's first, this is going to be outside JotForm's feature so you'll get your hands a bit dirty with a bit of script downloading and coding a bit (or some copy-pasting since the code is given below).

Let's start:

1. Create your RSS report for your form: -How-to-Create-an-RSS-Listing-Report-. You don't have to include all fields, just three non-sensitive information to show as the report has a probability of getting scanned by Google (I know some of you don't want the submissions to show in Google's search results).

2. Download the compressed (zip) file (LastRSS  script):

3. Extract the file and upload it on your website.

4. Copy this code and paste it into your PHP file where your form is:

5. Save your PHP file and upload it on your website

Please take note of the highlighted ones enclosed in brackets, these are the ones to be changed with your preferred/specific values.

If you need further clarification, just hit the comments or start a new thread at the forums.

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  • tidywebsites

    If I could understand all that I wouldn't be using Jotform!!!

  • gulfam

    By HTML form, do you mean we have to create a form using JotForm, create its link by going into embed form option, open the link, go to source code, and then put that HTML source code in the specified position?

  • jaycw7

    Where it instructs above to include your HTML form here...what does that mean? The link or the full source code?

  • jaycw7

    Here is the contents contained in that LastRSS PHP File:

    PHP script text

  • jaycw7

    Hey guys
    What do you mean upload this to your website? My CMS is WordPress and I use Blue Host which supports PHP. Do I copy the code onto my wordpress page?
    I asked tech support at bluehost and they helped me uload it on my file manager but did not understand the instructions here on what to do further.

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