How to enable FTP on form submissions

Last Update: May 24, 2016

Do you have an upload field in your form and you want to forward those submitted files directly into your own server? FTP Upload can do that. Please follow the steps below:

1. Login to your account and go to My Forms page

2. Click on the form that you want to enable FTP in then click Submissions button from the toolbar to access form submissions page

3. In the form submissions page, click the settings icon to the right side of the submissions page. Click Send Uploads to FTP

4. Enter your FTP credentials in the FTP Integration Wizard, then click Next

You can use "Test Connection" button to ensure that the credentials are correctly installed. When it is successful, you'll see a green check button. If not, you'll see a red x button. 

If the FTP Connection is passive, check the available option to activate it.

5. Configure the folders and directory where you want your uploads to be saved. Click Finish

If you want to create or change the sub-folder for every submissions, you can do so by selecting a form field from the dropdown selections from the screenshot above. User Default is the Submissions ID.

Questions? Please let us know below!


carinepeters1 (December 19, 2012 at 05:20 PM)

i cant still find it

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guisasso (June 17, 2013 at 01:04 PM)

Are the files then stored only on my webserver? If not, is there an option for files not to be stored by jotform? I don't wanna go over the 10gb quote, which I'm sure I wouldn't for a while, but what happens to older files? They get deleted, or do I have to delete them automatically? How does that work? When uploaded to my server, do the files stay in a folder always, or by deleting the message from my inbox, would the files also be deleted? Thanks.

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LEAF_Slovakia (March 18, 2014 at 04:47 AM)

Could you please describe how the form processes the data? I have seen inconsitent replies on the forums.

Once the user clicks the submit button, what exactly happens? I would assume the process is as follows:

1) Submission entries are saved
2) Uploaded file is saved on jotform server
3) Uploaded file is sent to the integrated ftp server
4) Thank you page is displayed for the user

If step 3 fails, the user will not see a thank you page. First question: is there any way to manage which error the user sees? Assuming the submission on jotform is safe, I would not want the form user to actually see an error page and think he needs to fill in the survey again.

Could you please also confirm that even if step 3 fails, the uploaded file is still supposed to be safely stored on jotform server?

If this is not the case and an ftp connection failure can in any way, shape, or form endanger the safety of either the survey data or the copy of the uploaded file on the jotform server, please make that clear in the description of the feature, as this potentially makes the FTP integration a very risky tool to use.

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Redha (March 27, 2014 at 12:54 AM)

I'm getting Wrong Host Name error

I'm trying to send the uploaded file to my localhost ftp, I'm using filezilla server, and i can access it through filezilla client,

I fill out the form like this

FTP Host : ; Port : 21
Username : root
Password :

And i'm keep getting an error,

Thank you

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Melat (May 27, 2014 at 07:51 AM)

Does this allow the forms to be automatically uploaded to a specific folder every time someone submits the form or is it just a one time thing that allows me to export the submitted forms to my folder.

Is it possible to do that (make it submit the forms to a specific folder on my computer say a drop box folder every time submits a form)

Thank you

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ggsstarvending (September 25, 2014 at 04:47 PM)

How will the data be seen by the ftp?
Will the data be in its original set up.
Like if the form has signatures will they be viewable as they were updated?

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Christopher Gauntt (September 29, 2014 at 10:06 PM)

I'm having trouble connecting.

First off, I tried using my SFTP settings, but the "test connection" wheel spun forever. It'd be nice to make SFTP an option since we deal with fairly sensitive documents sometimes.

Secondly, when I switched back to regular FTP and port 21, the test connection succeeded. However, when I was brought over to the folder list, I just got a spinning wheel. It never resolved.

In this instance, I created a unique ftp user account just for this purpose. Since I could not use sftp, I had to pick a shell ftp account type option. I went with bin/bash, but that didn't work. My other options are:

Can you let me know what the best settings are?


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