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Setting up the Thank You Page

Setting up the Thank You Page

What is a Thank You Page?

A Thank You Page is the final page your visitors see after submitting a form. Some people use it to give a pleasing end to the experience by customizing the page. Others use it as a tool to redirect visitors to a certain page after completing the form.

There are two different options for you to choose when making your thank you page:

  1. Show a Thank You page
  2. Redirect to external link

To access these thank you page options, click Settings at the top > then Thank You Page on the left.

Show a Thank You Page (or the Default Thank You Page)

This is the most commonly used Thank You Page option since it has almost all the details that you need already included. You can completely customize the look of your thank you page directly from the thank you message editor. You can insert images, links, paragraphs, and tables. It is also possible to post the user's answer using this option by clicking the Form Fields option.

Thank You Page Settings options.

1. Layout templates - custom thank you page layout templates

2. Action Buttons - add options to Fill form, Download Submission PDF, and Edit Submission

3. Form Fields - add the fields on the custom thank you message


The form will redirect the user/respondent to the website URL entered here. This is very useful when you want your form users to land on your website or a specific page after form submission.



The Custom URL is also used when you want to POST data to your Thank You Page. To learn more, check out our guide on How to Post Submission Data to Thank You Page.

Comments and suggestions are welcome below. If you have a question, post it in our Support Forum , so we can assist you.

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  • wirongrong.chi

    Why can't I see the add button on my thank you page form.

  • rapidcashrealty

    Can you display the Thank you page for set period of time and then redirect to a home page?

  • nodurft

    I have a form that on the thank you page, you can add a button to allow them to download a pdf of it.
    Now the next couple forms show that option with a lock symbol over it so that you cannot add that option. Why does it not let me click that option? When the mouse hovers over it, it says "There is no PDF element to show"

  • oldpc

    no such thing as "thank you page" in setting...

  • lifestyleclinicsa

    Not helpful. The new form for some reason insists on setting up conditions if you want to redirect the page. Also your directions are not accurate.
    You say click settings.
    Then thank you page - there is no thank you page. To access the thank you page option you need to go to conditions first and that is where the problem lies because you have to set a condition first in order to set up a redirect.

  • onaidac

    Hi, I am trying to add a LIGHTBOX form to a Shopify website that we are building. I embedded the form code in a custom snippet. However the form doesn't show any field. If I embed the code as a popup form I do see the fields. Thanks for your time.

  • Krystel Tchatchou

    How can I change my thank you page with a page that allows customer to reschedule an appointment cancel it or add that to google calendar.
    Thank you

  • Krystel Tchatchou

    How can I change my thank you page with a page that allows customer to reschedule an appointment cancel it or add that to google calendar.
    Thank you

  • tovreacarrarosociety

    My thank you page is not loading after the form is submitted..Have tried various settings to no avail. Help

  • secondmilemissioncenter

    I do not see the Thank You Page option on the left hand side of the Settings screen. Why?

  • Derek


    I was wondering if the option to redirect to a custom URL after completion is available on all paid subscription levels (Bronze in particular). Thanks so much!




  • Jaypalsinh Navalsinh Chudasama

    On line link mecha ma usrr name added nathi thatu.pleshe help me

  • zhenghao

    Hi, I wonder know if the WP plugin NINJA FORM can realize it, I have tried many time, but it didn't work.

  • Rainspring

    If I chose the redirect to external link using a conditional answer, does the user who doesn't meet the condition get the thank you page? or do they get nothing?

    Assuming they get nothing, is there a way to send a thank you message to those people?

  • Susan1

    How do you remove the jotform branding and request for someone to create their own jotform from the thank you page?

  • Dalspot

    My thank you page has a lot of blank space at the end of the page. So much that the user may think it is blank if they don't realize that they need to scroll up to get to the link I have provided to submit a second form. How do I remove this?

  • hpauk

    After completing the form is it possible to redirect a user to a webpage within your site based on an answer i.e. Question 1: What is your user ID: ABC123 = Redirect""ABC123"

  • wespeak123

    Dear all,
    I can't find the option anymore. I was able to update the welcome page up to last Friday but now the option seems to have disappeared. Has it been moved?
    Thank you a lot for the support.

  • ecolem

    If we have a multilingual form, is it possible to also translate the Thank you page ? Is it possible to have a thank you page in english, and another one in french for example ?

  • KatrinaLi

    my thank you page set up page is missing. dont know why.
    I know it is very easy to find, but i just dont have that button to change it.
    after the integration, there is nothing.

    please help

  • michaelprior

    I created a thank you page but I don't see it when I try the form out.

  • asadullah

    tanks for your help


    Hai, Is there any way that bring back the respondent to my form after the able to fill up the form and get the thank you page?

  • amandapandauk

    Thank you for your response. Unfotunately, it does not resolve my issue. There is no option of "thank you" under my settings for which to change it - if you look at my form you will be able to more clearly see what I mean in my original question.
    Hoping to get this sorted as soon as possible - for my issue, please refer to my initial correspondence
    Kind regards


  • CBBG

    Is it possible to remove "Now create your own JotForm - It's free!" message at the end of the thank you page?

  • Harmony123

    Am I able to give personalized scores with feedback on JotForms? I have questions with points assigned to each answer, and would like to add up the total score and give a personalized result based on the score range:
    Score 56-70: Perfect Fit for music therapy
    Score 42-55: Strong Candidate for Music Therapy
    Score 28-41: Great Candidate for Music Therapy
    Score 15-27: Good Candidate for Music Therapy
    Score 1-14: Not a strong candidate for music therapy

    How do I set this up?

  • Mawkleonite

    Trying to upload an image to my thank you page and it is not doing it. I can upload other images, just not this one specifically. Are there a limited number of file types that can be used or requirements for the images? Any help would be awesome!

  • fbegey

    I am posting this follow-up because I have received two replies from customer support within a couple of hours of posting my previous comment, so I think it's only fair to say that 1) apparently they DO read these comments, and 2) they DO care.
    Now remains the fact that it may be a good idea to display replies as well as questions, and that there is some confusion between legacy theme and new theme, with some less-than-intuitive UX and too many options when searching for answers. BUT HEY, really impressed with customer service, and despite all my (constructive) criticism I am liking a lot of what I see, and this beats every other alternative I have tried so far.

  • fbegey

    Okay, I see 39 questions on this page, starting from 2015 all the way up to June 2017, and not a single reply from Jotform. And it's not like you have even a feature for users to reply to other users. What's the point of allowing comments then? Is it only to show that you don't have the resources to read this stuff?
    Plus, multiple people asking for the same feature (an easy way to reset the form and prepare for a new submission) and no sign that this is even being considered.
    As a matter of fact, I came to finding this page because the option to set up and customise the 'thank you page' seem to have gone completely, and I can't even find a comment about that.
    All this, coupled with a few quirky behaviours I have encountered while trying to setup a simple student registration form really makes you think twice about signing up for a paid account. It would be a shame, because there is also a lot to be liked here.

  • PodiumMC

    Your post says there are two options when a form is complete:

    1. Show a Thank You page

    2. Redirect to an external link

    I really wish you could add a 3rd option

    3. Reload the same form in the same place.

  • hackeberga

    Hi there.

    I have four forms, using the thank you page. Though I notice that the fourth one will not work. instead of getting the standard thank you page, it's getting another text and a button for "Now create your own JotForm - It’s free!"

  • sbufsaweb

    Is it possible to add the image slider widget to thank you page?

  • DevotioN

    Hi, I cannot seem to get the Thank You message to appear after the form has been submitted. I tried to set up an external link for the user to be redirected to but that does not work as well.

    The form is embedded into a site (

  • ImageWorkx

    rather than a simple "thank you" I bring back a large amount of information to print labels for delivered products. the problem is: I cannot scroll through this to do reviews and edits. the popup window is too small and cannot be enlarged. what to do? the email window works OK just not the thankyou edit window

  • Sksbattick

    Hi, I have opted to "redirect to an external link". However, when I submit the form on my site, the only thing that happens is that the form disappears from the page.

    I even tried redirecting to and I get the same results.

    My Form ID:

    My Website:


  • linder

    Can I make a link on the Thank You page that DOESN'T include the URL?

    I need to add a link so people can save their form data presented as a PDF for signatures and mailing.

    Every time I make a link, it adds the jotform URL to the beginning of the href


  • paintsundries

    How do I change the background image on the Thank You page? Thanks!

  • alex4478

    Hi, Awesome service guys.

    Just one thing, I just cannot get a transparent background on my 'Thankyou Page'.

    This is a link to the page, how can I fix it?!options-form/oedsy

  • kidschanceok

    My form is set up to Save and Continue Later. If the user Saves the form, they get the Thank You Notice that thanks them for their submission but they haven't submitted anything yet. Is there a way to set up several Thank You Notices or to turn off the Thank You notice until the form is actually submitted? Thank you.

  • pdoss

    How can I disable the Thank You page? I don't want it.

  • homeplanet

    I love the thank you page and it works fine, but... My web page is just a very long scroll page. The contact form is towards the end of the web page. Although I just want to use the 'normal' Thank You functionality, it does a refresh of the page, which brings me back to the top of the page. To see the actual Thank You, users would need to scroll back down to see it. Is there a way to '#jump' to the Thank You message? See

  • pardeep kumar

    Sir I facing a problem that when I printed the result ,result will come top of the page I want to that my result will can see in center paper

  • Cheryl

    My form works great -- after pressing the submit button, a thank you message appears, but the user must scroll all the way to the top of the page to see it. Is there code I can add to take the user automatically to the top of the page so they can instantly see the thank you message? Thanks for your help!

  • a2000

    Hi is it possible for the Thank you page to open in a new tab?

  • Bubblerats

    How do I attach a graphic within the thank you note. when I press insert/edit image I get confused as it seems to want an external page. I would like to cut and paste.

  • donharper

    Is it possible to have a custom domain for the submit thank you page while not redirecting to a different URL? I have one for the form itself but it defaults to

    Thank you

  • leonardomitchell


    Can I put a Google javascript code in the thank you page for conversion purposes aka Google Adwords? Cheers

  • shereef

    thamk you

  • lolove

    When my thank you with the redirect appears after name and email submission, the thank you message is cut off.

    How can I extend the Thank you message space?

    Thank you!