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Adding a form to Jigsy Web Builder

Last Update: May 24, 2016

Do you want to add your form to your Jigsy Free Website? That's easy!

1. Get your Form Iframe Codes by following this guide: How to get your Form's Iframe Code. But since Jigsy doesn't allow JavaScript or Script Tags to their Text/HTML Editor, you will have to modify the iframe codes. Delete the codes highlighted in Red, see image:

Jotform - Easiest Form Builder

2. Go to your Jigsy Website and make sure to login.
3. Find and Click "Page Settings"
4. Find and Click "Add New Page"

Jotform - Easiest Form Builder

5. Add your "Page Name", the Page URL is automatically created but you can always modify that one.
6. Click "Create Page" on bottom right side.

Jotform - Easiest Form Builder

7. Find "Pages" tab and make sure that the newly created page is selected.
8. Find and Click "Add Content to this Page".

Jotform - Easiest Form Builder

A sidebar window will appear containing the "Content Categories".

9. Click "Content"
10. Click and Drag "Text/Content Block" to the Content Area of the newly created page.

11. Add "Title"
12. Find and Click "Edit HTML" button
13. Paste your modified iframe codes

Jotform - Easiest Form Builder

14. Click "Preview" on bottom right side
15. Click "Create Component", still on bottom right side

You are done!! Awesome!

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