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How New 'Conditions For' and 'Order by' boxes work in conditional logics

How New 'Conditions For' and 'Order by' boxes work in conditional logics

IF you have lots of conditionals already saved,  there is a way to sort this out in a better way!

Users can now change the priority of the conditions - this changes the order in which they run, so conditions at the top of the list will have priority.  This means if two rules contradict each other the user can choose which one will be overrule the other.  To change the priority a user just needs to drag the conditions into a different order.

Conditions For:

The 'conditions for' combo box , lists all conditions related to a certain field, or it can be set to 'All fields' which will display all conditions.  

So if you have a field called 'is the dog sterilised?' , selecting this in the drop down will display all conditions where the 'is the dog sterilised?' field is present in.  Either in Rule or Action (condition or result).

Order By :   This box will list the conditions in three different orders.  Priority, Rule Field, and Action Field.

This is so that you can list them in a sensible order and view the conditions in the order that they appear in the form, or view them in the priority order.

For example : If you choose to sort them by  Priority , it will assign them a number , where number 1 represents first priority and so on

You can also choose to sort them by Rule  or Action Field

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  • SOSStLucia

    I can't seem to find the "order by" option. I have over 40 conditions in my form and at least one of them isn't behaving the way it should and I cannot figure out why. This might help me figure it out.

  • Gerald

    I think this is a real great blog article.Much thanks again. Want more.

  • Wolverin89

    how can i set range? example: i need set specific value to specific block, if user enter spinner value to range between 0-60 and set other value if uset enter spinner value between 60-100 (for example)
    i can send you my work if you wish.
    I tried solve this by conditions (change value in field) and condition dont work normaly

  • Wolverin89

    conditions behave inappropriately! I put a condition: if a count field is greater than 1, it is possible to write the value 150 in the specific block. When you enter 0-issue 150...if you enter manually..if the counter - sometimes all right...It's not all finalized you

  • im2fst4u

    Actually one of my forms can have the conditions moved and my newest one cannot. Does this mean I have to start my new one over again?

  • im2fst4u

    I cannot drag and drop my priority either. This is crippling for my form as there are many conditions using the same box.

  • submit10

    Can you remove the priority order from the form, not just in view?

  • pubserv

    Cannot drag and drop for new priority. I try and drag (left click and hold), and all it will do is open the condition when i release the left click hold. I have previously done this before with success, but now it will not let me change the priority by drag and drop.