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How to Catch User's Browser Info

How to Catch User's Browser Info

Having every bit of information on an end user  using the form is crucial in managing user expectations and providing better user's experienced.

This guide will show how to get the most information out of your form users through the Browser being used.

Having the Browser Info will give the following details:

BROWSER: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, and others

OS: The user's Operating System

LANGUAGE: Current language being used

RESOLUTION: Display screen size in resolution

TIME ZONE: Current time zone setup on the end user

USER AGENT: Detailed information about the current browser used.

To add the Browser Info feature:

1. Add the Hidden Box Widget on the form. This tool can be found in the Widgets section. Search for it, then drag it to your Form.

2. Open the widget's properties window by clicking the GEAR icon.

3. Set the BROWSER INFO option to YES.

4. To get the info you need, don't forget to include the field to your Email Notification template.

Demo form: (use an actual email address to see the results via Autoresponder).

Here's an example result:

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  • Namrah

    I've created a form and someone is using it in a wrong manner.
    I'm getting prank registrations and the user is actually molesting the team.
    Is there anyway through which I can get his/her information?

  • redfcu

    Thanks! This was super helpful!

  • emmanuelmoreno


    Apparently Paypal does not allow payments from non members when surfing from a mobile phone (security measure). I would like to add a note to users about this, but only if it is relevant. In other words, Can I make a conditional message appear depending on whether or not the user is on a mobile device?