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How to Edit/Delete Sender Emails on SMTP Settings

How to Edit/Delete Sender Emails on SMTP Settings

If you have added your own SMTP settings for a Custom Sender Email in your email notifications, here's how you can manage them.

1. Click the User Icon found on the top navigation menu.

2. Click "Settings" to open the Account Settings page

3. Select "Settings" tab and navigate to "Sender Emails". Click "Edit" link

4. Hover to the Email Address and click "recycle bin" button to delete and confirm the deletion. Otherwise, click the "Pencil" button to edit the STMP details:

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  • wmshirley

    Where do i go to see the SMTP is working? We see the list of sender email addresses in JOTFORM, but where do we see if the email actually arrived?

  • oster.emelyne

    the following address jot form however does not appear

  • LSTOW17

    If I do this, can I still create links in my Airtable, and send form again?

  • MSForms

    Would this method of aending a form make it private to our school district? I would like a parent to fill out a permission form for therapy services for their child and need the information to be protected and private.

  • riverao

    I did the same and still it is not working correctly.

  • Ryan

    I have lost my contacts out of data and now it doesn't even look like that app

  • Jason Wynngard

    What I really want to know is how to remove the ability of a rude sender. So that s/he is unable to send further comments to my Jotform.

  • nanush

    I've followed both procedures but am still receiving the error message
    There was an error on your SMTP configuration....
    I have even re embedded my form



    In agreement that this does not appear to function for previously added email addresses, the edit option is only available on newly-added email addresses. Our older email addresses only have the delete option, no 'edit' function.

  • saracaylorSMA

    I accidently deleted the default email (which was my profile email) and I do not know how to undo this mistake. Please advise.

  • aymen

  • amine