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Add a form to 3dCart Shopping Cart

Add a form to 3dCart Shopping Cart

3DCart is an E-commerce solution that is powerful and easy to use. 
Use 3dcart Shopping Cart Software to build your store online, quickly, and right the first time.

This guide will show how to add your JotForm form to 3dcart.
To be able to follow this guide, you must be logged in as an Administrator in the Control Panel of your 3rdcart store.

The form will be added using the Site Content page in the control panel.
Open the Site Content page using the navigation menu on the left.

1. Click on Settings / Design / Site Content to open Site Content page.

2. In the Site Content page, add the form by adding new page or editing an existing page. 

    Click the Add New Page button to add new page or click on Content button to edit an existing page.

3. On the Site Content New/Editing page, start editing the page to add the form.
    Give name/title to your 3dcart page.

4. In the Page Content section use the WYSIWYG mode on/off to show the editor and have access to the View/Edit Source tool to add content on the page.

5. Clicking on the View/Edit Source tool will open the Source Editor dialog box. 

The JotForm form embed code will be added within this window.

6. Make sure to insert the form script code within a div element in the source editor.

7. Click on Apply and OK button to close the Source Editor window.

8. Click on the Save Changes button on top to save the new page content.

9. Close the Site Content page to complete.

10. Finish. 

*** You can preview the new page using the menu navigation link created when the new page was created in
Step #2  of this guide.

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