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How to Embed JotForm to Joomla 3

How to Embed JotForm to Joomla 3

Embed your JotForm to the latest version of Joomla. It's pretty easy, follow these steps.

1. Login to your Joomla Admin page.

2. Download and install Sourcerer plugin:

Here's how:
a. From the top menu, click Extensions > Extension Manager
b. Browse and install the downloaded plugin file.

3. To embed the form, just click the insert code button found under the text area content box when you add an article or a page to your Joomla site.

a. Click Insert Code button

b. Get your form's embed code and paste it on the Insert Code box. Make sure the form embed code is between the {source} tags.

4. Save it and you're done!

If you have any difficulties with any of the steps above, please post it below.

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  • maysolar

    I have done all this, it does not show the form, and even when trying to use the iframe, I get a warning telling me the url for the form is no longer good.

  • kingschurchhorsham

    I used the embed code in iframe but it only shows first page of form. How can I fix this. Kym

  • erweisheit

    I followed all the steps exactly like you have it listed. Then nothing shows up at all. Sometimes it pops up for a second then goes away and no way to see it

  • dcsmith22

    Hi. I am using Joomla 3.6.4 and when I tried to embed my donations form into my website, only partial or half of it is showing... have a look at:

    John (dcsmith22's webmaster)

  • charmingimage

    We followed steps and works for desktop/mobile version.


  • integralwebsite

    Its work in pc but not work in smartphones =/

  • jamesyang

    another way is to click on it works for me.

  • CJ

    I did just what it says but when I save my changes, it disappears. All that's left is


  • percetinfotech

    My site in joomla 3.4.0 I am try to set jotform in article but form id not load on front site. I had use below code



    Form page URL


  • Kerv

    It's working! Thanks

  • Ross

    I followed the steps above and everything went smoothly, but when I went to display the page I got an error "you are not authorized to view this resource". Not sure if this is at the joomla end or the jotforms end