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Where have the Power Tools gone?

Where have the Power Tools gone?

You might probably ended up here if you were looking for any of the fields under our old Power Tools menu such as:  Free Text (HTML),  Hidden Box,  Unique ID, E-signature, Captcha, Image, Auto Complete, (or InkFilepicker)

Here it is the list of controls that were moved somewhere else:

Captcha:  was moved to Quick Tools
Image : was moved to Form Tools
Free Text (HTML) : was renamed to Text and moved to Form Tools

The rest of tools under Power tools  have been moved to Widgets, so you must search for the one you wish to use. For example E-signature, just type the name or part of it and you'll show it:


Sorry for the confusion. We hope this helps you to grasp how the new layout is configured.

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  • KateSherman

    Where is the free text (html)? I want to write a description of the survey before people take it.

  • rvaughn


  • gsudell

    I can't find the password box