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How to Setup Sub-Folders in Dropbox Using the Unique ID Widget

How to Setup Sub-Folders in Dropbox Using the Unique ID Widget

You have integrated your form with Dropbox. However, you want Dropbox files into unique custom folder names. The Unique ID Widget can be very useful when it comes to creating custom folders in Dropbox.

If you want to configure your Dropbox integration with the Unique ID widget, follow the steps below:

1. Add the Unique ID widget on your form.

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2. Then set this field as the sub-folder in your Dropbox Integration wizard.

That's it - The submissions will then be shown in separate folders.

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  • greencrosshealth

    We usually name our projects with both an ID number and a name. For example:
    "01234 - Job Name From Form Field"
    Is there a way to combine the unique ID at the start with text to follow?

  • macnoel

    Is it possible to automatically have a csv-file of the data of the filled form in the Dropbox-folder (together with the uploaded files and the pdf)?

  • iwonamypa

    This feature looks interesting. Could the number be used to create a customer identifier that future orders can then be appended to, so long as the identifier is used??

  • kellyfisher

    Why does my dropbox integration look different? I'd like these options but can't see it this way.


    I'd like it unique id folder method above but with different field name instead of unique id field.

  • mfaulkner

    I'd much RATHER have EACH FILE appended w/ the name, w/ all files in the same subfolder of a main folder.
    IE: Mainfolder/FormNameFolder/AllPDFswithUniqueFormNames
    How can that be done?

  • mikesazlimo

    Do I have to set up an account with Dropbox?