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Get Email Notification As If Your Form Submitter Sent It

Get Email Notification As If Your Form Submitter Sent It

Email servers operate in the simplicity of email headers, and the format with which they read the recipient details are in the following manner:

From: “Sender Name”<>

It therefore becomes easy to make your form's email notification seem as if it came from the person who filled the form. The best part is that this is not spamming, since you are the one sending emails to yourself, anyway. :-)

This is how it would look in Gmail:

Step One: In order for this to work, your form needs to have a Full Name Field, and an Email field as shown below. If you already have these fields, then you can use them as well:  

Step Two: Then, create a hidden calculated text-box field as shown. 

Remember to give it an obvious name so that you can differentiate it from the 'email' field. 

In this case, we call it 'Email Field for Notification' . 

Hiding the field: Since you don't want it appearing as a visible field on your form, you can hide the field by adding the following CSSrule to the fieldid/descriptor:

.field_id, label_id{display: none;}

Step Three: By clicking on 'CalculateField', open the Calculation Wizard and combine the 'Full Name' and the 'Email' Fields in the following manner:


 In this case, our demonstration looks like this:  

If you have a lot of fields on your form and are having a hard time locating the correct variable field tags {fullname}<{email}>to add in the calculation wizard, you can find them by following thisguide, also shown below:


Step Four:Finally, Create an emailnotification (If you do not have one already)with the sender's name selected as the hidden field we created inStep Two.


And you are ready! You can send a test submission on your form to try it out. Look at how the email looks in  

This can be pretty useful if the forms are being filled by your employees or students or for support requests, or restaurant reservations....the list is endless.

And you can configure this to work with any SMTPrelay or service you find preferable.

Here is a test form so that you can see how it works:,Go ahead and clone it.

Have you gotten a chance to try it yet? Tell us about it.  

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