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How to Create a Custom URL of a Form?

How to Create a Custom URL of a Form?

Custom Form URL is useful if you want to publish your form using the direct URL and want to put a custom name on it. You can add your own form name at the end of the URL along with your JotForm Username.

Example custom form URL:

To give your form a custom URL, please follow the steps below:

1. Edit your form.

2. Go to the Publish tab of the form builder.

3. To start creating a custom URL of your form, click the pencil icon.

4. Upon clicking the pencil icon, you will be allowed to type in a custom URL of your form. Once you're done, click the Apply button.

5. Your custom URL is now ready, copy the link, or open it in a new tab.

If you want to delete the custom URL you have created, you can click the Undo button.

A few notes:

a. Changing the name of the current custom form URL will automatically make the URL that has the old name invalid, which will result in a 404 error. You have to inform your form users of the changes.

b. Changing your username will also invalidate all custom form URLs with your old username, which will also result in a 404 error. You have to inform your form users of the changes. 

c. The original form URL will still work regardless of the custom form URL or if you've updated your username.

d. Custom form domain is available on our Enterprise system only.

Contact Support:
Our customer support team is available 24/7 and our average response time is between one to two hours.
Our team can be contacted via:
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  • cafeperal

    estimados, me interesa poder utilizar mi dominio cuando envío el link. Es posible? Muchas gracias!
    Saludos Fernando


    Is there a way of removing the 'powered by jotform' branding below the form?

  • Racsho

    The best solution

  • brycej

    interested in creating covid forms for our construction business , instead of having paper docs every day , and daily safety meetings on job sites - can this do that and keep data on cloud .... URGENT request , please have someone call me and walk me through what we need


  • PinkLink2301

    we changed our username - based on the below is this the reason my link isn't functioning properly? please advise.

  • finudusltd

    yes totally understand that but that is not my problem ---- My username is incorrect:


    findus is spelt wrong so need to change my username on my account but I am unable to do that

    it says: Please contact us to update your username.

    But if I get this done then all my current form URL links will break right?????

    It so very difficult for me to do as we have a lot of forms that have been emailed out to potential clients to fill in the form.

  • jeffreywhite780.jw

    Where's my form I'm looking for

  • jenberges99

    I was reading about creating a custom url. It is easy to do. However, is there a way to do it without my username in it? Just have instead of

  • Ibrahim

    URL bnakr dal do

  • P_joo

    Is there a possibility to change the name which occurs when sharing a form with social share wigdet? Like sharing a form on facebook and change the title as the title I have is from an other blog page?

  • KateDivya

    I would like to incorporate an "Apply Here" tab to the email that I send that will link to the form I've created. Can you help?

    Thank you

  • isabelle.derb

    I amended a product order Jotform a friend gave me. But everytime I send it to a customer her name appears on the link / URL bar at the top of the screen. Even though I amended the link name.
    How can I take her name away and replace it with mine?

  • garydehart

    is there a way we can create a source link? so two links put in two places to see where more people came from?

  • jallenboulder

    Are there options (like for sender of autoresponder emails) to use another domain instead of in the custom url?

  • Chris J

    When modifying my direct link form address I am getting the error message ”Slug already in use”. What does this mean? How can I personalize my address?

  • ryan.sarafian

    how do I go back to the regular url for the form? the undo button is not working... form 92197891180163

    I see the message "custom url deleted" . but it does not restore the origial url

  • Moses

    Thank you

  • andres

    não foi util pois eu não quero personalizar apenas o final da url. quero um totalmente personalizado

  • communications_gsrv

    Is it possible to create a unique form URL that will pre select the first multiple choice option? For example, I want to create three uniques links; the first opens the form with choice A selected, the second opens the form with choice B selected, and the third opens the form with choice C selected.


  • Manoel Freitas

    I have another question, i want to make a form that was sent by a tool (my own), and this form has to be connected to some IDs, can i do this? how i do this?

  • Manoel freitas

    Its helps, but i have another question, it's possible to save the information that i put on the URL? For example, i want to put numbers of some IDs on the URL, to reference the form to the number, in this case, can i associate the URL last words to something, like a variable?

  • juleshills

    If I use COPY LINK to copy the URL to an email that I send out to recipients, who process does the recipient use to send the completed form back to me? ie there is no SUBMIT button for the recipient to select

  • sapuehase

    Is that possible for me to hide url starts from "" and replace with the client `s company name, for example

    Please advise. Thanks

  • woldrajh

    Hi, Can you change my user name by one of these following, please :


  • alibababail

    Custom domains are not practical if HTTPS (SSL) is not supported!
    You did not answer my question in regards to white labeling

  • John Partridge

    Hi is there a way to have a hyperlink jotform with “jotform” not included in the hyperlink?

  • Egsiegel

    what does "error on save" mean?

  • systemisedbydesign

    Hi, in the examples above the link is:
    I have just updated DNS records to allow me to use a subdomain of mine, however where is the "Mike_G" derived from in the above example? Mine is "SystemisedByDesign" and would like to change that... I'm not sure if it is the company name, username or some other field in the profile or settings.


  • Amyvan

    Thank you for the URL information. How can I change my User name? Earlier I received a response that said my User name will appear in the Custom URL of a Form. Please let me know so I can use another user name, because this will be going to multiple people.

    Thank you.

  • Sarahhitchcock

    I have tried this, however when I press the pencil to change the name it adds my name into the line also. I do not want this to happen can this be deleted some how.

  • Francelina Freire

    para receber o credito da devolução da encomenda.

  • CumberlandFestivals

    UNFORTUNATELY... that doesn't quite do the trick.
    the public form link is easy to identify...
    it's the time tracked while building the form, in the admin dashboard, that is unidentifiable...
    the urls currently look like this:
    if there could be even a user ID of some sort in there somewhere... that would be the fix. but of course i realize that would be quite a significant change at your end of things... i'm just out here hoping there's another trick i haven't figured out yet. :)

  • Mysterious mermaids

    i have tried this service. its awseome. I suggest it can be improve more extand service using intelligence and customer report . thnx a lot.

  • leobra

    Buen día, cómo puedo estandarizar varios formularios de Jotform en una sola URL, con el fin de no tener múltiples URL para cada formulario.

    Requiero un tipo de carpeta en donde se alojen todos mis formularios y desde una sola URL se pueda escoger el formulario que se desee diligenciar.

    Agradezco su ayuda, saludos.

  • CoachStricklin

    I tried this but the Empire info still shows up.

  • eventbuddyuk

    Can you remove when customising the URL?

  • GenTV

    Thanks for your prompt response. However I was thinking more of a do you offer any temporary links such this one? Thanks

  • hrollins

    You can't customize it any more than that? For example, getting rid of my last name?

  • MiaGomba

    I would like to change my username from MiaGomba to TopdogFactoryManagementTeam

  • Helenchukwu

    I would like to change my username from Helenchukwu to Helen La Costura

  • ConXion

    once information on client is submitted, where is the edit icon to enter more information on client

  • odewumijoshua

    I want it in my own domain name

  • kochujohnk

    Hey Guys, I changed my url and now i am not able to send the url directly via the email option. Please help me

  • Musty

    after creating that link and if you click the link after filling the form where will i see the form that was filled ?

  • prakashdallakoti

    How to Create a Custom URL of a Form even i press public button? it didn,t give any pop-up?

  • David

    Also evaluate to use a Free Custom URL Shortener like Rebrandly (

  • tpatterson

    I would like to change my username to SISTUHS. Please assist, thanks!

  • sarahgcullins

    I would like to change my username. Who can I contact about that?

    Thanks in advance

  • atlasone

    What happened to the ability to copy the code and paste it?
    I can't figure out how this new method works.
    Why mess up something that worked fine? You are getting like Microsoft.

  • slygnsw

    where to find the embed form icon?