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Deprecated: How to Integrate Your Form with Facebook (Fit Forms)

Deprecated: How to Integrate Your Form with Facebook (Fit Forms)

UPDATE: This feature is deprecated. The guide will be updated if we implement a new version of the Facebook Fit Forms.

Removing the unnecessary fields makes FIT forms simply better than anything you have ever used. Both you and your customers will save so much time, you'll just lay down and pose for stock photography.

By using our Facebook Integration Technology, you can now validate that your customers are actual people and not some automated bots. Well, unless it's a fake Facebook account.

Video Tutorial:

So how to integrate your form with Facebook to collect profile information? Please follow the steps below:

1. While in the form builder, click "Setup & Embed" tab

3. In the integrations window, in the Search Box type "Fit Forms" and click on it to make the integration:

4. Key in your Facebook App ID: Click "Authenticate" button. NOW, if you still don't have this, you have to create an App to Facebook. Please follow this guide:

5. After the authentication, simply choose what kind of information you would like to collect from someone's Facebook Profile:

6. If you scroll down at the bottom, you can see the preview of the Facebook Login button. In this section:

-You can select whether to show "Profile Picture" or the "Faces" of who logged into your form.

-You can change the button label

7. Click the "Complete Integration" button and hit "Finish" in the next window to complete the integration. 

If you will check your form notification settings, the email body is now filled with the information that you will get when someone logged in and submit to your form:

See the form with a Facebook login button here: Do note of the following:

1. Someone would need to login first using the login button before they will see the form's submit button.

2. Only public information of the required Facebook Profile will get fetch by this integration. The integration won't capture information from the profile which is set to: Only MeFriends and Custom or Private.

Questions? Please let us know in the comments box below!

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