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How To Use Visual Report Filters

How To Use Visual Report Filters

Visual report filters allow you to better analyse trends and patterns in your form responses by creating rules to determine which results are included in your charts and graphs.

There are 3 types of filters available for you to use:

1. Date Filters - Include/exclude responses based on the date they are received. The available date filters are as follows:
Today - Responses received on the day the report is being viewed.
This Week - Responses received in the week(Monday - Sunday) the report is being viewed.
This Month - Responses received in the month the report is being viewed.
This Year - Responses received in the year the report is being viewed.
Last x Days - Responses received in a number of days chosen by you previous to the report being viewed.
Exact Date - Responses received on an exact date chosen by you.
Custom Date Range - Responses received in a date range chosen by you.

2. Question and Answer Filters (Coming soon)
3. Submission Filters (Coming soon)

Creating Filters

You can create a filter for your visual report from the report builder page by using the following steps:

1. Click the Filters icon on the report builder toolbar.

2. Click the add button at the top of the dropdown.

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